The most seriously ill sufferers have had comprehensive lung harm that essential remedy with oxygen and days on a ventilator. Some are anticipated to have permanent lung harm.

“More data is necessary to know what is causing these illnesses,” stated Ileana Arias, an official with the C.D.C., stated on Friday.

The Illinois sufferers have ranged in age from 17 to 38, according to the state overall health division.

State overall health departments are handling most investigations into the respiratory illnesses.

“We’re at a somewhat early stage of understanding,” Mitchell Zeller, director for the Center for Tobacco Items at the F.D.A., stated on Friday. The collective agencies have been throwing “a lot of sources at this,” he added, but element of the trouble was that state investigations are not normally full, generating it tough to type a clear image.

1 theory, as of but unproved, is that illnesses may possibly outcome from substances that are believed or identified to be toxic in vaping goods, which use heat to vaporize nicotine and other inhalants.

Brian King, deputy director of study translation at the Workplace on Smoking and Wellness at the C.D.C., stated that prospective irritants contain “ultrafine particulates, some heavy metals, such as lead,” and, he stated, there “are also issues about some flavorings.”

But, he added, “We haven’t particularly linked any of these components to particular situations.”

Dr. Michael Lynch, healthcare director of the Pittsburgh Poison Center at the University of Pittsburgh Healthcare Center, stated the lung injuries medical doctors there are seeing are constant with chemical inhalation injuries.