Probabilities are that most of us have either dealt with a loved 1 who has suffered from dementia or knows a person with a loved 1 suffering from the situation. Alzheimer’s is the most frequent lead to of dementia worldwide, accounting for among 60 to 80 % of dementia circumstances. This suggests that Alzheimer’s impacts roughly 30 million folks across the globe. Considering the fact that life expectancy is escalating, this quantity is anticipated to virtually quadruple to 120 million folks by 2050.

Mainly because of this anticipated explosion of circumstances, scientists and health-related experts are seeking to distinctive approaches of treating and, hopefully, stopping the illness. A single of these approaches is cannabis.

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Is cannabis a possible remedy for Alzheimer’s? As it turns out, there is proof that it may perhaps enable in some approaches, but lengthy-term testing nonetheless wants to be carried out in humans.

How Alzheimer’s Impacts the Brain

The jobs of our brain cells include things like the sending and getting of facts, producing power, and constructing new brain cells. They are like small factories. Just like a regular factory, if 1 component of the assembly line breaks down it causes difficulties with other components of the factory. Scientists know that folks with Alzheimer’s have a certain type of breakdown in the cells of the brain that leads to irreversible symptoms.

The prime suspects in damaging the cells are two abnormal structures named plaques and tangles. Plaques are deposits of a protein fragment named amyloid-beta that make up in the spaces among nerve cells. Tangles are a different protein named tau, which types twisted fibers that make up inside cells.

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Even though scientists are not specifically clear on just how plaques and tangles operate in Alzheimer’s illness, most think that they may perhaps block communication among and inside nerve cells. These blockages lead to cell death, which leads to the loss of memory, character alterations, and difficulties carrying out every day tasks.

Autopsies indicate that everybody develops plaques and tangles as they age, but these with Alzheimer’s have a tendency to create far extra and in a predictable pattern. This pattern starts in the memory regions of the brain prior to spreading to other regions. This is why the initial symptom of Alzheimer’s illness is memory loss

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Cannabis and Alzheimer’s

At present, 14 health-related marijuana states enable cannabis for the remedy of Alzheimer’s illness. Even though researchers at the moment see the possible for advantage in some circumstances, they also advocate caution due to the achievable unforeseen dangers. Alzheimer’s advocacy groups recognize the possible added benefits in mood, sleep, and behavior. They also, having said that, note that research indicating the added benefits are restricted.

Agitation, aggression, and anxiousness are some major symptoms of Alzheimer’s exactly where cannabis use may perhaps have a good effect. Even though tiny research have been performed on men and women with circumstances like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder working with cannabis to alleviate these symptoms, they have been tiny. The only proof at the moment accessible for the impact on Alzheimer’s illness is anecdotal.

This suggests that there is a will need to do extra, bigger research on the effects of Alzheimer’s illness and cannabis. These research need to concentrate on effectiveness, dosing procedures such as vape pens or edibles, and which cannabinoids are the most productive.

Even though cannabis may perhaps enable to enhance symptoms or episodes of agitation or anxiousness, there is at the moment no explanation to suspect that cannabis would enhance cognitive function in existing Alzheimer’s individuals. Nonetheless, there could be good indications for cannabis stopping the improvement of Alzheimer’s in the future.

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Cannabis in Stopping Alzheimer’s

David Schubert from the Salk Institute for Biological Research in California is component of a group testing the effects of THC on human neurons grown in a lab. The study showed that tetrahydrocannabinol promotes the removal of amyloid-beta protein and lowering inflammation. Amyloid-beta protein is believed to be 1 of the major components in the improvement and progression of Alzheimer’s illness.

The downside to this study is that the amyloid-beta protein that types the plaques believed to lead to Alzheimer’s is that these proteins have other critical brain functions. So, the total removal of them is a no-go. Nonetheless, limiting the inflammation response to the plaques may perhaps be effective. Fortunately, each THC and CBD (cannabidiol) are each potent antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

It is critical to note, having said that, that though analysis indicates that cannabis may perhaps play a part in lowering these proteins and inflammation in rodent models and lab-grown cells, we are nonetheless a lengthy way away from testing on humans.

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It is critical to note, having said that, that though analysis indicates that cannabis may perhaps play a part in lowering these proteins and inflammation in rodent models and lab-grown cells, we are nonetheless a lengthy way away from testing on humans.

The takeaway right here is that though cannabis shows guarantee as a possible preventative remedy and may perhaps enable with some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, we’re nonetheless a lengthy way from declaring it as a reputable remedy.


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