Dear Dabby… How To Win Weed Pals & Influence Folks

Tips on navigating the canna-sphere for the dankest probable connections.

Need to we be DMing celebrities? Would you ever smoke weed with somebody who DMed you an invitation? Also, who do you adhere to that brings you joy — and why? – Rand Omfan

Need to you DM celebs? Positive. But do not
be mad if they do not answer. I’m not even popular, and I get hundreds of messages a month. I can only
picture how several messages get sent to actual A-listers. But my tips is to go
for it! You never ever know. Shoot Your Shot 2019 is in complete impact. I when scored
an interview with B-True immediately after shooting him a random DM back in the early days
of the Twitter, so something is probable.

I smoke weed with fans and randoms all
the time. If you got that fire loud dank, we can unquestionably smoke up. Just remain
cool and you will be fine.

To your second query: I adhere to
Jesus. Kidding — even though me and Jesus are cool. I’m also cool with Ganesh. And
Hanuman. And Quan Yin.

I suppose I could get started performing much more #followfriday posts on Twitter to let persons know about other cool Twitter customers. I like @sassycrass, @staceylovesweed, @tomangell, @intlcbc, @cannabisnow (duh) and a bunch of other people. On Instagram, I like @dankgrassclub, @bcbubbleman… The list goes on. Just about every single particular person I adhere to is cool, except for some of the ideal-wing weirdos I adhere to just so I can hold an eye on them.

I really feel like cannabis lovers hail from across the political spectrum, and in some cases this suggests I see content material I discover offensive in the cannabis social sphere. Do you encounter this breaking down of echo chambers in the cannabis globe? – Al O’Verthemap

Yeah, it is weird. I was shocked when I discovered out that a bunch of persons I had smoked weed with, gone to rallies and court help with and gone to bat for had been Trump supporters. I was devastated to see how several racist persons exist in the cannabis neighborhood. And ahead of you get started, let me break it down for you: If you help somebody that advocates racist policies, you help racism. If you help racism, you are a racist. It is a basic equation.

Even if the Trump administration
manages to legalize weed (and do not hold your breath as well several Republicans make
as well substantially dollars from the private prison business), they will nevertheless be racist.
Cannabis culture is supposed to be about freedom and liberty and equality, so
racism and sexism should really have no spot in the movement. But alas, the globe is
the globe and in some cases you have to function with persons you could want to prevent
dealing with otherwise. Smoking weed can be enlightening, and should really remind you
that we are all one particular, but it does not generally function that way. Sigh.

How do you balance posting about your individual life versus your skilled life? ­– Yang Yin

I do not. You will seldom, if ever, see
me post about my individual life. All the ups and downs, the dollars troubles, the
smaller depression that I went by means of final year? All of that sh*t is individual.
I’m not the variety of particular person to share my burdens with strangers. For some persons,
their social media is like a diary. Mine is much more of a promotional and
inspirational tool. Heh. Inspirational tool. But seriously, most points you see
on the social media are cleverly crafted to give you a particular feeling.
Every person is generally living their greatest life on the social networks, or rather,
attempting to develop the illusion of living their greatest life. Bear in mind that pixels
are not genuine.

Right after you appeared on Netflix’s “Cooking On Higher,” you got way much more followers. Do you consider about posting differently now that you have tons much more followers? – Auntie Social

Not definitely. I imply, most of my social
media posts are about weed and comedy, and considering that “Cooking on High” is a funny
show about weed, I figure that all my new followers are huge fans of either or
each. I will say that I did lay off the politics for a week or two immediately after the
show came out, but when I talked to my social media followers, most of them
mentioned they enjoyed my political posts. I imply, it is not possible to be a cannabis
advocate and not have political opinions. I have created it this far by becoming
myself and I see no purpose to cease now.

Ngaio, you do not have a blue verification verify on Twitter! How is this probable? How are we to trust that you are not a bot?! – Vera Fide

A bot can not smoke as
substantially weed as me. Also, you have to jump by means of a lot of hoops to get verified.
Is a blue verify definitely worth it? I’ve never ever even attempted. I guess you will just
have to trust me.

Inform US, what would you ask a cannabis social media

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