• two cups sugar
  • two/three light corn syrup
  • 1/four cup water
  • 1/two gram RSO (*Or/ three tablespoons canna-coconut oil)
  • two drams of LorAnn watermelon or your decision of flavoring.
  • 1 drop meals grade coloring
  • Medium bowl with ice water inside of it.
  • 1 pk lollipop sticks
  • Lollipops molds or silicone mat
  • Non stick spray


  • In a tiny saucepan combine sugar, corn syrup, and water with each other more than medium heat. Stir till the components dissolve.
  • Bring sugar mixture to a boil at 310° F
  • (Challenging-Crack) on candy thermometer.
  • Eliminate from heat.
  • Add flavoring and coloring
  • Add canna-coconut oil
  • Gently stir the components effectively.
  • Commence pouring your syrup in the molds, operate rapidly as the syrup will harden.
  • If you do not have molds you can use a silicone mat and pour tiny round circles on mat, then location your sticks in the lollipop mixture and decorate if you want with sprinkles.
  • Fill every cavity in the mold.
  • Spot the lollipop stick with a single turn in mixture to cover the major of the stick, and let to harden.
  • You may perhaps warm the syrup up once again if it becomes as well difficult to pour.

Lollipops are a wonderful way to get your medicine. The taste of RSO can be bitter and difficult to swallow, but these scrumptious watermelon-flavored suckers cover that off as if it wasn’t there. So scrumptious! The recipe can also be adapted for cannabis-infused coconut oil.

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