Though CBD is becoming extra and extra well known in wellness and wellness circles, there are nevertheless a lot of queries and misconceptions about it. One particular of the most typical issues that people today have is the possibility of failing a drug test. Right after all, when you are functioning tough to take care of your wellness, the final point you want to do is threat a optimistic on a drug test since of a wellness supplement. 

At Nature’s Ultra, we want to assure you that you can safely use our CBD items with out the worry of testing optimistic on a drug test. In this short article, we’re going to go by means of some typical queries about CBD and drug testing to set your thoughts at ease when you buy Nature’s Ultra CBD items. 


To fully grasp irrespective of whether or not CBD will show up on a drug test, it is vital to know the distinction among CBD and THC. CBD is quick for cannabidiol. It is a organic cannabinoid that is discovered in hemp. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also a cannabinoid naturally discovered in hemp. Each CBD and THC interact with your body’s endocannabinoid program (ECS). Having said that, in contrast to CBD, THC is psychoactive and as a result causes euphoric side effects. That is why items that include THC are illegal in several states, even though CBD items that include no THC are not.

Does CBD Get You Higher?

THC and CBD each come from the similar plant, so does that imply each could get you higher? Nope! In contrast to THC, CBD is not psychoactive. It does not trigger the euphoric effects that THC does, and as a result does not get you higher. Hold in thoughts that this is dependent on the purity of your CBD, so it is vital to guarantee that the CBD you use consists of % THC. 

Is CBD Addictive?

Of course, experiencing a higher is not the only concern you may well have relating to CBD. Numerous people today be concerned that they’ll type an addiction to it. But according to this 2018 Globe Wellness Organization vital critique of cannabidiols, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence possible.” As we pointed out above, CBD is not psychoactive and does not trigger euphoria. Since there are no euphoric side effects to CBD, you can safely use it with out forming a dependence on it. 

Are Hemp and Marijuana the Very same?

There are so several terms associated to the cannabis plant that it is effortless to get confused! Now that you have mastered the distinction among CBD and THC, let’s tackle yet another pair of words that are normally confused: hemp and marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are technically the similar plant ( Cannabis), but there is a large distinction when it comes to the level of the psychoactive compound THC. Hemp plants include no extra than .three% THC, even though marijuana plants may well include anyplace from five – 20% THC. 

Due to its very low THC content material, you can’t get higher on hemp the way you would if you utilised marijuana. That is why it is legal to develop hemp even though it is nevertheless illegal to develop marijuana in most states.

Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

And ultimately, for the million dollar query: will CBD show up on a drug test? To answer this query, it is vital to fully grasp specifically how drug tests perform and what compounds they are hunting for. 

Most drug tests are urine tests. When you are tested for cannabinoids, what they’re genuinely hunting for is the psychoactive, euphoria-inducing THC compound. If a specific threshold for THC is detected in your urine, you will test optimistic for cannabinoids. As lengthy as your CBD items include no THC, they will not trigger a optimistic drug test. That is why it is important to buy higher-excellent CBD items from reliable businesses who test to guarantee their items include no THC.

As we pointed out in our earlier weblog post this week, there are 3 standard varieties of CBD: Complete spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Complete spectrum CBD items are extracted from the cannabis plant with all of the plant’s other compounds, like terpenes, important oils, and other cannabinoids. That signifies these items include THC. Broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolate, on the other hand, do not include THC. That is why Nature’s Ultra CBD items start with a CBD isolate that we then combine with Young Living important oils to build our pretty personal higher-excellent clever spectrum CBD.

To make positive that our CBD items include no THC, we commit to excellent at just about every step, from our farming practices to our manufacturing processes. Our 1500-acre hemp farm enables us to develop the highest-excellent hemp, and our extraction approaches guarantee that our CBD is pure and free of charge from any THC. Our cultivation processes are Young Living Seed to Seal® certified, which signifies we attain the higher requirements set by the world’s leader in important oils!

After our CBD gets to the manufacturing course of action, we test rigorously for each potency and purity. Our excellent assurance plan guarantees that all of our CBD is higher-excellent and free of charge of heavy metals, solvents, and THC. Click right here to go by means of our purity lab report, which shows that our CBD is potent, pure, and entirely free of charge from THC!  

After our CBD has been rigorously tested, we combine it with Young Living important oils. This mixture of a higher-excellent CBD isolate and globe-class important oils creates a broad spectrum CBD oil. That signifies you get to get pleasure from the wellness added benefits of each CBD and important oils in one particular effective solution. And most importantly, you can use it safely and fearlessly, as all of our items are free of charge from THC and will not trigger you to test optimistic on a drug test!

It can be intimidating to start out applying a new wellness solution for the initially time, but we hope this short article has set your thoughts at ease when it comes to CBD and drug testing. You can see our complete list of items right here and location your order confidently with the information that they all include % THC!