Legal cannabis saves lives.

We currently knew that access to legalized cannabis has straight offered huge well being positive aspects to millions of people today. This is from cannabis becoming prescribed as a medicinal remedy for thousands of distinctive healthcare situations.

Indirectly, legalizing cannabis saves lives. That is the unequivocal obtaining of a pair of main U.S. research that tracked death prices from opiates and all prescription/synthetic opioids from 1999 by way of 2017. The findings are courtesy of a current short article from Marijuana Moment.

Giving legal access to even medicinal (only) cannabis causes a reduction in deaths from opioid overdoses. But when states also legalize adult use marijuana, death prices from opioid overdoses fall from 20 – 35 %.

The Seed Investor has been closely following this significant situation. We criticized pseudo-science made by Major Pharma and the mainstream media that claimed that (somehow) legalizing cannabis brought on opioid deaths to raise.

For cannabis investors, this must do additional than merely make you really feel fantastic about your cannabis investments. There are substantial income dollars obtainable right here.

Opioid use at present generates $29.four billion per year in revenues in the U.S. With legal cannabis becoming an helpful substitute for opiates, cannabis can claim a substantial portion of these income dollars. An estimated 1.7 million Americans are at present addicted to opioids.


Sufferers applying healthcare marijuana to manage chronic discomfort reported a 64 % reduction in their use of additional regular prescription discomfort drugs recognized as opioids, a University of Michigan study finds. [emphasis mine]

The information also clearly shows that states with legalized adult use cannabis (i.e. unrestricted access for adults) had by far the biggest reductions in opioid deaths.

Millions of Americans are currently minimizing their usage of toxic/addictive alcohol in favor of non-toxic/non-addictive cannabis. Deaths from alcohol use continue to rise, as this Forbes short article indicates.


Cannabis will save numerous added lives right here. No a single has ever died from applying cannabis.

As the truth about cannabis continues to spread, this will location huge added stress on the U.S. federal government to legalize cannabis nationally. The federal government can’t enable person states to continue to deny their residents the (numerous) positive aspects of legalized cannabis. It can’t enable the thousands of preventable deaths that legalized cannabis can save.

On a connected note, a Residence Democrat from Oregon is saying that there is nevertheless an chance to pass a federal cannabis legalization bill in 2019.


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