Heat Warning


Living in a city like Las Vegas in the course of the summer season months implies understanding to deal with temperatures that exceed 110 degrees routinely. Which implies that it is time to element in excessive heat when storing flower and concentrates.

With the recreational industry nevertheless pretty new to the Nevada scene it is essential to don’t forget that we do reside in a desert, and that excessive heat can have a dangerous impact on item excellent.

This applies to flower as nicely but can have an even bigger influence on buyers who make use of concentrates, and much more particularly vaping.

If temperatures are 90 degrees outdoors the inside of your car can conveniently run up to 120-130 degrees in a matter of minutes. This causes a host of difficulties for any one leaving vaporizer cartridges and disposable pens, concentrates, or flower in any car for a prolonged period of time.  The prospective for vaporizers leaking, hardware malfunctions, and stale oil raise if you leave your valuable cannabis items for any longer than 10 minutes.

We ordinarily preserve our bulk oil refrigerated to assist preserve the terpenes and keep excellent. On the other hand, most dispensaries will preserve their concentrates at space temperature, which is completely fine, but we think the greatest way to keep your items excellent is to preserve your concentrates in a cool location as usually as doable.

So, if you want to have the highest excellent flower or concentrates, don’t forget to treat with care.


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