The history of most marijuana strains is commonly quite properly documented – a detailed chronology of not just its direct parent strains, but also its precise breeders.

Having said that, regardless of all the work that goes into monitoring and maintaining up with unique strains, there are nonetheless some that handle to utterly slip by way of the net and stay a bit of a mystery.

In some cases this is due to the fact the precise genetics are lost other instances, it is due to the fact the strain in query has fallen out of favor, which means we do know its parents, however do not fully grasp the strain itself.

The Bubbashine strain is an instance of the latter case – with detailed information and facts about its parents getting readily obtainable, however with just about no information and facts on the strain itself.

So, let’s take a appear at the Bubbashine strain and rediscover just what, precisely, it is like.

What is the Bubbashine Strain?

The Bubbashine strain of weed is an indica strain that was initially designed applying Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine, all in an work to cultivate a stronger and additional potent indica with the flavor profile of each of its parents.

The mixture of the effects of each of its parents is quite noticeable in this surprisingly intense indica. Its principal parent, Bubba Kush, is properly recognized for each its Kush flavor and standard effects, and for its instantaneous tranquilizing effects. Having said that, Blue Moonshine supplies an option impact, with a sturdy and flowing physique higher that appears to each uplift and loosen up at the very same time.

Combining these two strains ought to build some thing that is rather at odds with itself. But somehow, the Bubbashine strain manages to make it perform.

The 1st effects you will notice right after imbibing some Bubbashine is a gently crashing wave of relaxation and serenity, equivalent in intensity to drinking a quite sturdy cup of valerian root tea.

It does not knock you more than, but you can definitely notice the intensely relaxing effects, particularly if you attempt and close your eyes as you will promptly understand that you will have terrific difficulty in attempting to open them once more.

Immediately after this initial wave of relaxation, you can anticipate to really feel a sudden rush of exuberant joy. In spot of what ever emotion you have been feeling just ahead of you attempted Bubbashine, you will rather really feel intense happiness that basically will not go away.

This is also accompanied by a rhythmic beating of warmth and peacefulness that will move all through your physique, constantly warming and encouraging you to smile all through the surprisingly lengthy higher of this strain.

Immediately after a brief whilst, this intensity will get started to abate, to be replaced with a deep longing for your pillow, filling you with the need to sleep peacefully and for a quite extended time.

Having said that, rather of sleeping the complete day away, you will wake up right after a normal night’s sleep feeling properly-rested and prepared to tackle the day, generating this strain best not just for enjoyment, but for these troublesome bouts of insomnia.

This pleasant mix of peaceful slumber and undulating waves of happiness make this strain best for normal use. Who does not delight in substantial mood uplifts anytime they can get them?

What about its flavor and aroma, nevertheless? Does the Bubbashine strain have a taste worthy of its effects?


When you cross two quite unique strains collectively, you are frequently left with an intensely muddled and confusing aroma profile often it smells like one particular of its parents, and then other instances it may perhaps smell like the other.

The Bubbashine marijuana strain is produced from Bubba Kush – which is a predominantly earthy smelling strain – and Blue Moonshine which, as the name would imply, is mostly tinged with blueberries. With Bubbashine, the smell is sort of each of its parents at as soon as.

On 1st sighting your Bubbashine, you will get that initial whiff of earthiness and basic dankness, with a little underlying layer of sweetness. Having said that, as you get closer and get started to get your hands on the bud, the smell deepens into a wealthy, subtly sweet blueberry profile, normally with that background tinge of wealthy earth.

As the buds are ground, this very same smell only deepens, providing you a strong olfactory memory of a wild blueberry bush in the middle of the forest – serene dankness, with the sweetness of fresh, unspoiled blueberries consistently wafting below your nose.

What about the actual taste of Bubbashine, even though? Does it have that very same intensity?


As you finish grinding your Bubbashine and get started essentially to smoke it, you could anticipate the very same intense aroma to hit your tongue in the precise very same way.

Having said that, the flavor itself is a lot deeper and richer than you would initially anticipate. The initial wave is one particular of the wealthy, vibrantly flavorful blueberries, but it is undercut with a brilliant freshness that reminds you of a crisp, cool afternoon on a farm someplace with superb climate.

The flavor is rather equivalent to its aroma, but it is far additional noticeable and promptly recognizable on the tongue – you can just about envision the feeling and flavor of your tongue pressed up against the forest floor, dotted with wild, lately dropped blueberries and an overwhelming sensation of freshness and sweetness.

What about its actual look? Does it appear as appealing as it tastes?


As Bubbashine is produced from each Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine, it would make sense that the majority of its appears comes from its parents.

The bud structure itself is extremely dense and close-packed, seeking like a tightly wadded bundle of money that is just waiting to explode into your hands.

There is a quite standard covering of trichomes, even though they are not as noticeable as with other, similarly potent strains. Alternatively, you can inform their potency by the assortment of unique colors, commonly purple and orange, that is hidden inside the confines of this dense bud.

Each of its parents share a tendency to really feel especially resinous, so anticipate to really feel like this strain is coated in a fine film of wax or pine tar, and for it to appear remarkably sticky as properly.

The very best way to see this strangely iridescent and faintly sticky strain is to attempt and develop some your self, so what sort of specific expanding tips do you require to be capable to develop your personal Bubbashine?

Bubbashine Strain Develop Information

Each of Bubbashine’s parents are surprisingly easy to develop your self, so it tends to make sense that this strain is also a quite decent strain for newbies to attempt their hands at expanding for the 1st time.

Bubbashine strain seeds are quite straightforward to come across, even though for an even much better opportunity, attempt to obtain them from a grower that also stocks Blue Moonshine and Bubba Kush to enable assure they have what you are seeking for.

As with most other indica varieties, Bubbashine tends to develop rather brief, with a thick and bushy look that can often make attempting to handle it rather challenging. To enable cope with this, you require to endeavor to be consistently trimming and pruning the branches closer to the ground, in an work to enable encourage lateral movement.

If you let your Bubbashine develop on its personal, it will have a tendency to choke itself in also substantially development, generating it challenging to get a sizeable yield out of it.

With a quite standard eight-week flowering time, this strain grows rather unexceptionally. It can survive either indoors or outdoors, so extended as the temperature is kept in that comfy variety of involving 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only other factor you require to preserve in thoughts is that, due to its signature intensity and purple flavor and look, you require to make certain that you are appropriately curing your harvested Bubbashine bud for about a week ahead of you even consider of thinking of it performed.

If you do not, this strain can have a tendency to create unpleasant mold that taints the flavor and aroma, which would be a substantial shame with such a flavorful strain.

If you preserve it properly dried, cured appropriately and stored in a appropriate container, you ought to come across your self with a substantial quantity of this pleasant and beneficial bud, as it supplies an exceptionally sturdy harvest if you care for it appropriately.

What about the actual cannabinoid content material, nevertheless? It is all properly and fantastic understanding that this strain is helpful and tasty, but what are the actual proportions of cannabinoids inside the Bubbashine bud?

THC Content material – Highest Test

Bubbashine cannabis is properly recognized for each its potency and for the immediacy of its effects, so it would make sense for it to have an extremely sturdy THC concentration.

Having said that, the parents of Bubbashine have surprisingly varied levels of THC intensity, with Bubba Kush getting a whopping 23% at its highest testing, and Blue Moonshine with only 16%.

As Bubbashine is the outcome of these two surprisingly unique strains getting crossbred, the resultant bud from Bubbashine is essentially only about 19%-20% in THC intensity. Although this nonetheless tends to make it an particularly potent strain, as most other indicas do not have a tendency to have upwards of 20% THC inside them, Bubbashine is at least not also overpowering right after smoking it.

It has just sufficient THC to induce a sturdy, promptly noticed impact, but not sufficient to leave you feeling dizzy and overwhelmed.

What about its CBD content material?

CBD Content material – Highest Test

However, as frequently occurs when you endeavor to build a potent and tasty indica cross involving two properly-recognized strains, quite substantially all of the CBD has been fully bred out of the Bubbashine strain.

You would be fortunate to come across any sort of CBD content material inside the Bubbashine strain, generating this a strain to steer clear of if you are seeking for potent CBD effects.

Of course, this does not imply that it has no healthcare advantages whatsoever.

Health-related Added benefits of the Bubbashine Strain

Just due to the fact a strain has small to no CBD to speak of does not imply that it does not nonetheless have a assortment of beneficial healthcare effects.

For starters, with such an definitely intense soporific impact that tends to make you just about desperate for the comfort of your pillow and the lights turned off, Bubbashine is mentioned to be amazing at treating the quite worst situations of insomnia.

Not only do you get to delight in a pleasant, extended-lasting higher, but you also can delight in a complete and comprehensive night’s sleep afterward.

Alongside that, as is commonly the case with sturdy indica strains, Bubbashine is wonderful at assisting deal with troubles arising from also substantially strain in your day to day life.

By inducing wave right after wave of potent happiness, this strain is a terrific way to counteract that unpleasant feeling of getting overwhelmed by the planet about you. This is also why it is a terrific remedy for anxiousness, as it aids you appear at every thing from a new point of view and not grow to be fearful of the planet about you.

This is the very same explanation why it is quite useful in treating concerns arising from chronic discomfort, as it is just about not possible to notice any normal discomfort if you are also busy experiencing a tasty and fulfilling burst of happiness that lasts all day.

However, with all fantastic healthcare advantages, there are some adverse side effects as properly.

Achievable Side Effects of the Bubbashine Strain

As with all higher-THC strains, Bubbashine has the unfortunate tendency to create each dry mouth and dry eyes on an extremely constant basis. This will be most noticeable at the get started of the higher ahead of the complete effects have kicked in and produced you unaware of something adverse in the complete planet. Make certain to preserve some water on hand to enable combat this.

You ought to also have a practical spot to lie down, as one particular of the other prospective side effects is a sturdy headache. Although this is some thing that genuinely only impacts particular persons that currently get headaches from most strains, it can nonetheless be especially unpleasant to have to deal with the discomfort and aggravation of a sudden headache.

Lastly, these that struggle with feelings of anxiousness could come across themselves have a bit of an anxiousness episode if they attempt and smoke also substantially Bubbashine at as soon as, as whilst it is terrific for treating anxiousness, it can also create the very same unpleasant symptoms if you attempt and imbibe also substantially at as soon as.

Final Thoughts on the Bubbashine Strain

Most of the time, sturdy indica crosses are designed for the goal of either mimicking the effects of its parents in a new way or to attempt and breed some sort of super strain with tons of THC, in an work to build the strongest achievable strain in all of marijuana history.

In the case of Bubbashine, it is a small bit unique – rather of attempting to make an even stronger strain, this indica cross basically attempts to make a decently higher THC concentration but stops ahead of it would get also substantially.

It combines the flavors and aromas of its parents into a strangely best medley of flavors, all whilst supplying a mixture of the effects of its parents, and only they are slightly amplified due to their simultaneous nature.

Bubbashine supplies a deep, restful sleep at the finish of the higher, preceded by one particular of the happiest and all round most enjoyable experiences achievable when smoking weed – when described like that, how can you not want to give this majestically strong, however comfortably familiar strain a attempt?

Maintain an eye out for Bubbashine, no matter whether as a completed bud or just as seeds to attempt and develop your personal, as it is surely a higher worth providing a attempt at least as soon as.