Dear Stoner: What is the deal with indica and sativa edibles? If it really is only THC going into the final item, does it actually matter what kind of plant it came from? Sounds far more like misleading advertising than science. *Bass guitar riff*
Jerry Stonefeld

Dear Jerry: Most dispensaries generally just inform you to consume the edible, yada, yada, yada, and get stoned. But we’ll attempt not to yada, yada more than the science component.

Some customers claim that consuming mangoes — higher in myrcene, a popular terpene in cannabis — impacts their highs, and that it is related to consuming an edible with terpenes. Nonetheless, research on the effects of ingesting terpenes are scarce, and Australian analysis shows that smoking terpenes does not have an effect on your brain’s endocannabinoid receptors — even though that analysis also indicates that the terpenes could adjust THC’s effects via other molecular processes in our bodies.

Do terpenes actually matter if you are digesting them?

Scott Lentz

We identified practically no study addressing how ingesting terpenes alters edible experiences, so it’d be challenging for edible organizations or dispensaries to make any strong claims, and the indica/sativa issue has been verified to be largely bullshit, anyway. That will not cease people today from pushing a sativa gummy as a pre-hike snack, even though, so it is crucial that you stay a master of your domain. Do not fall for a placebo have an effect on, and appear for supplemental components like ginseng or chamomile in your indica and sativa edibles.

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