There is now an explosion in the analysis of  cannabis. With it, new types of  marijuana, such as extracts are hitting the shelves. You could have heard of these merchandise in the type of shatter and wax, along with the term ‘dabbing’.

But what is dabbing?

Even though dabbing is not fresh off the press, it is one particular of the newer techniques to consume cannabis. And with it becoming one particular of the newer processes, some individuals could nevertheless be a tiny in the dark to what it truly is.

You may possibly locate your self asking concerns such as how to dab and its function or function in the cannabis neighborhood.

We’re right here to answer any concerns you could have and clear the smoke on what is dabbing.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing, or taking a dab, is when a cannabis concentrate is applied to a hot surface. This will just about normally be accomplished on a ‘dab rig’, which is vaporizing cannabis at quite higher temperatures. The concentrate becoming dabbed is then just about vaporized and inhaled.

Even though dabbing vaporizes cannabis extracts, the strategy is hardly ever noticed as vaporizing. 

It is because vaporizers use electric heating components at reduce temperatures, creating a smoother and cooler vapour. Dab rigs need to have larger temperatures and as effectively as direct get in touch with to vaporize extracts.

What are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are water pipes, just about like bongs, that have a unique bowl recognized as a ‘dab nail’. Dab nails come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and supplies such as quartz, ceramic, glass and titanium.

Have no worries. Dab rigs are additional or significantly less all the exact same. The only variance could be shape and size, but they all execute the exact same function.

Common bongs can also be outfitted with a dab nail attachment. Therefore the dab nail becoming the additional crucial piece of the dab rig.


Unique Kinds of Dabs

Dabs are a further name for cannabis extracts and there lots of out there, which we’ll go additional into in a second. To get started, extracts can be broken down into two sub-categories: solvent and solventless. 

Solvent Dabs

Solvent extracts call for chemical compounds to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material. These solvents can be very flammable, with some becoming additional toxic than other people. These incorporate, but are not restricted to acetone, butane, isopropyl alcohol and propane.

The protected consumption of these solvent extracts has been debated, but for the most aspect, shatter is noticed as protected – potent but not pure. Having said that, the lengthy term effects are nevertheless becoming researched mainly because residuals of the solvent can linger.

Right here are a quantity of various kinds of solvent dabs.

Solvent-Free of charge Dabs

Solvent-no cost extracts are normally regarded as larger high quality due to the lack of solvents which need to give a “purer” and cleaner taste.

Coldwater, employing higher temperatures or pressing are all solvent-free extraction approaches.

Right here is a swift breakdown of some solvent-no cost extracts.

There’s a lot of concentrates to opt for from, some supplying up added benefits or positive aspects more than other people. This article talks about how to consume and make cannabis concentrates as effectively as the various concentrates out there at your disposal.

Now let’s take a appear at dab nails, and additional especially which suits your requirements most effective.

Unique Kinds of Dab Nails

As we had pointed out earlier, a Dab Nail is the additional crucial aspect of a dab rig. Picking the correct one particular will deliver a far greater dabbing knowledge. Right here is a breakdown of the various dab nails out there and a tiny bit about each and every one particular.

Glass Dab Nails

Glass dab nails are the “first generation” of nails and the forefathers. Even then they are nevertheless extensively applied for their low cost and clean taste. The only downfall is they’re not normally quite tough, and they can break from the heat or shatter if they’re dropped on the ground.

Ceramic Dab Nails

Ceramic dab nails are additional frequently applied than glass ones, however, they’re not necessarily greater.

Ceramic nails do retain heat greater, but, they are susceptible to breaking from fast temperature fluctuations. Basically they’re potentially additional fragile than glass.

Titanium Dab Nails

Even though the earlier dab nails have a rather fragile construct, titanium dab nails are noticed are tanks. The drawback becoming titanium dab nails slightly taint the flavor of the concentrate. This can be a huge difficulty for connoisseurs.

Quartz Dab Nails

Even though everybody has their personal preference, quartz dab nails are regarded as “the best”. They do not transform the taste of the extract, heat inside 15 seconds and are even less costly than titanium dab nails.

All this has led them to develop into the most common dab nails of the bunch. But it is definitely up to the user’s preference and cost variety.

The Rewards of Dabbing

Due to the fact dabbing is a method of vaporization, it is much easier on your lungs. As effectively, if applied in tiny amounts dabbing can be less costly than normally smoking flowers. Not only this, but the effects of a dab can be felt just about immediately.

Effects also final longer, which is wonderful for healthcare sufferers that need to have immediate and lengthy-lasting relief.

These that delight in the flavour profile of cannabis will also adore employing concentrates. In particular extracts such as reside resin, as they retain the terpene profile intact.

Even though it could look like dabbing is fantastic, there are some key drawbacks that need to have to be addressed.


Dangers of Dabbing

The dangers of dabbing for some could outweigh the added benefits.

Dabbing comes with the prospective of totally destroying your tolerance. These who dab everyday and normally will commence to really feel quite tiny from smoking a joint. The low THC content material from a joint will develop into ineffective.

In reality, cannabis extracts are a much higher concentration of THC than flower, normally more than 60%, which suggests that the prospective for abuse skyrockets.

On leading of that, dabs need to have a considerably larger temperature than employing a vaporizer. Even though not as damaging as smoke, this larger temperature can leave some ill effects on your lungs. In particular when dabbing heavy and normally.

Due to a lack of high quality handle in solvent extracts, there’s prospective for lengthy term damaging effects. Inhaling butane and other solvents can be hazardous to your overall health.

These damaging effects can be mitigated by getting shatter from a trusted corporation. These will have a confirmed track record and lab testing.

As effectively, it is intelligent to retain the dabbing to a minimum.

Alright, Let’s Study How to Dab

Even though taking your very first dab could look like a daunting knowledge, it is definitely not that tricky.

Step 1: First, commence by collecting all the supplies. This involves a dab rig, dab nail, torch (unless employing an electric dab nail), concentrate and dab choose.

Step two: Heat the nail. When the nail is hot and is glowing good and red, let it to cool for 10 seconds.

Step three: Take a tiny quantity of concentrate on the dab choose and location it on the heated nail.

Step four: Proceed to inhale the vapour till the dab rig is empty. And there you have it, how to take a dab.

Even though you could have lots of concerns in life, like what to consume for lunch, hopefully, what is dabbing and how to dab is no longer one particular of them.

The globe of concentrates is ever-evolving. Staying informed goes a lengthy way to deciding upon the correct cannabis consumption strategy, irrespective of whether it be for recreational or medicinal purposes.

Be protected and content dabbing!