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Pals and colleagues began flooding social media late this week upon hearing of the passing of U.S. hemp innovator Mark Linday, founder of Green Spring Technologies, Fort Worth, Texas. 

Linday began Green Spring, a sustainable technologies corporation focused on renewable sources, in 2014 following becoming interested in the possible for hemp fiber bio-composites. The corporation develops each day things from hemp-primarily based plastics. 

Inking of the Farm Bill

Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell famously applied a single of Green Spring’s custom created ink pens to sign into law the landmark 2018 Farm Bill that created hemp legal at the federal level. 

A U.S. Air Force veteran and a former intelligence analyst, Linday organized Green Spring about a core group of fellow military veterans, whom he strongly supported.

Supported veterans

“We do not want to leave our veterans behind. We do not want to leave any one behind,” Linday told interviewer Michael Lyons at NoCo Hemp Expo in 2016. “Taking care of each and every other is the ultimate in sustainability,” Linday mentioned.

He was also a staunch defender of cannabis. “We are not potheads. We are not criminals,” he told the Fort Worth Star Telegram in 2016 throughout a regional demonstration in assistance of the Worldwide Marijuana March. “The marijuana movement is not just about smoking pot. It is about an agricultural crop with a lot of possible that we are forbidden to develop.”