As the OLCC moves into their subsequent round of rule generating, the OCA will present a united front on rule update requests. The following list is the outcome of member feedback and small group brainstorming seasons, followed by a member survey on the influence of each and every request. Thank you to all of you who participated in this approach! If you did not have a possibility to supply your feedback (or if you have more to say) there is nonetheless time, e-mail the OCA at [email protected]

  1. Self reporting of violations to be added to the list of mitigating situations that the Commission may possibly use to assess a lesser sanction. – This is a superior faith work for all parties, and it is our hope that it will minimize the anxiousness about self reporting.
  2. Trade Sample Guidelines for Cannabinoid Concentrates or Extracts – Improve the quantity of Cannabinoid Concentrates or Extracts permitted for trade samples to be in line with the quantity of usable marajuana that is permitted for trade samples.
  3. High-quality Handle Samples – Improve High-quality Handle Samples to four ounces for investigation and improvement plants. This will support minimize waste for farms.
  4. Immature Canopy – Existing guidelines enable for only 20 canopies in a develop, we request this be adjusted to 20 mature canopies, enabling for far more investigation and improvement plants.
  5. License Transfer – Capability for a getting celebration to get a economic interest as soon as background verify is passed and prior to transfer is authorized.
  6. Complicated Organization Structures – Existing rule language is not capable of handling new investment structures, ex: Foreign entities, what is a substantial investment, and so on.
  7. Protected Rule for Retailers – Request to update the rule that solution will have to be placed in a protected or vault at the finish of the evening. Retail solution should really be permitted to keep on the sales floor as extended as it is securely locked as defined by other licenses. Relaxing this rule will significantly minimize the time when the solution is in transport which is the most vulnerable moment for for harm and theft and save retailers the time of day-to-day restocking.
  8. Social Media and Marketing – Request for rule clarification on what is defined as consumption in social media. Extra clarification on what the Licensee is liable for in regards to 3rd celebration posts, off-the-clock personnel, and shoppers.
  9. 90 Day Higher-res Surveillance Requirement – Request to decreasing the storage time to 45 or 60 days. Storing higher-res footage needs an exorbitant quantity of difficult disc space which is challenging for organizations to preserve.
  10. OAR 845-025-7030(11) Tiny Package Labeling Rule – Provision for low-potency merchandise (20 mg THC or significantly less per container), be exempt from the added label requirement on tiny packaging, and can preserve all essential label information on the solution packaging.

Members are also encouraged to send in their requests straight to the OLCC at: Whether it is in assistance of a single of the OCA’s requests or for something else you would like to see changed, now is the time to make your voice heard!