A single of Tucson’s mayoral candidates in this year’s key elections is Steve Farley, a former state representative and senator, who, in 2011, attempted to impose a 300% sales tax on health-related marijuana through bill HB2557.

If the bill had passed, the 300% tax would’ve meant that a “$two joint would price $eight,” Tucson Weekly reported. At present, sufferers acquiring health-related marijuana in Tucson spend an eight.7% tax (state and city).

“As the referenced Tucson Weekly report of 2011 points out, my bill was an try to start off a discussion about remedying the woefully underfunded public overall health method in Arizona for behavioral and physical overall health and addiction therapy,” Steve Farley told AZmarijuana.com. “I listened to my constituents at the time and consequently withdrew assistance for my personal bill a week later. For the previous eight years, and into the future, I oppose more taxes on MMJ.”

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