Immediately after my letter Aug. 1, “Eager for updates from Cannabis Committee,” I received agendas for every of the meetings. Nevertheless, I have not noticed any minutes of the meetings post on the city’s site. Immediately after nine meetings, the agendas lacked facts if the well being troubles of cannabis was discussed.

The majority of folks smoking pot currently have been not alive when the debate began more than the hugely addictive drug nicotine, which is located in cigarettes. Cigarette organizations denied for decades the impact that nicotine had on the brain and physique of smokers. Nicotine is a chemical that is risky not simply because it causes cancer but simply because it can addict you to cigarettes.

Physicians and scientists are now discovering that Tetrahydrocannabinol, know as THC which is a ingredient in cannabis, is now located to be hugely addictive. In the early 1990s, marijuana contained just below four% THC. These days marijuana can include upwards of 80% potency of THC. A study by the National Institute of Drug Abuse located, “Substantial proof from animal analysis and a expanding quantity of research in humans indicate that marijuana exposure through improvement can trigger extended-term or possibly permanent adverse adjustments in the brain.”

Scientists now agree higher levels of THC use can lead to psychosis. As with cigarettes, advocates for cannabis distributors are ignoring the adverse well being effects of THC on the brain. We do not require retailers in Chico distributing an addictive gateway drug. THC leads to psychosis, psychosis leads to violence.

— Steve Simpson, Chico