Dear Stoner: How lengthy do rolling papers final? If I purchased a box of 900 pre-rolled cones, would they nonetheless be superior to smoke 5 years from now?
Denver Joe

Dear D.J.: You can get 100 pre-rolled RAW cones for $25 on Amazon, so why are you so intent on stocking up with nine occasions that if you do not puff like a chimney? Unless you have a line on a crate of black-marketplace joint papers that have to have to be unloaded speedily on the inexpensive — mainly because we’ve all been there…

There’s absolutely nothing in rolling papers that will rot, but they can turn into dusty and dry with time, and the adhesive will degrade, creating it tougher for the paper to stick with each other. Pre-rolled cones do not rely on glue, but they do come with cardboard filters at the finish.

Cardboard gets moldy in damp environments, so preserve that in thoughts if you are organizing on maintaining them in the garage or basement. Colorado is a dry climate, but 5 years is a lengthy time. Why do not you just give them away? Or, much better however: Sell or trade them to needy stoners at parks and concerts. A timely joint paper is an simple way to join the circle.

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