Imagine possessing access to the press, but not getting permitted to freely speak your thoughts. Or practicing your decision of religion, but providing up your correct to unlawful search and seizure of your religious artifacts. Of course, these hypotheticals would trigger really the commotion and quite a few individuals would agree that they are a violation of American rights. No a single desires to give up a single correct in exchange for one more, but sadly this is the dilemma that quite a few cannabis shoppers are facing when they apply for their healthcare cannabis card. In reality, what some individuals are not conscious of is that when they get their healthcare marijuana card, they are also providing up their correct to bear arms. Confused? Are you considering that cannabis does not trigger individuals to use firearms improperly? That is not the point right here.

The point is that the federal government nevertheless considers cannabis to be a Schedule I substance and healthcare cannabis individuals are forced to give up their second amendment rights to achieve access to their medicine. Because cannabis is scheduled by the federal government, healthcare cannabis shoppers are officially placed on ‘prohibited persons’ lists for gun sales. Of course, there are lots of individuals opposed to these guidelines and there are even individuals fighting to adjust the laws as we speak.

Do Healthcare Cannabis Individuals Have To Give Up Their Guns?

The answer depends on the jurisdiction. Every state, prosecutor, and locality might treat this differently according to their interpretation of the law. On the other hand, because 2014, Congress has forbidden the Justice Division to devote its dollars prosecuting shoppers of state-legalized cannabis. Sadly even though, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) requires a sturdy stance against cannabis use and gun ownership.

In an e-mail to the Connected Press, ATF spokeswoman Janice L. Kemp mentioned, “Any individual who uses… marijuana, regardless of no matter whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for healthcare purposes…is prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms.”

That sends a sturdy message that the Feds are not going to take the possession of a handgun and a healthcare cannabis card at the similar time lightly. Though they do not have the funds to do significantly about it, states and nearby jurisdictions do. Plus, with the elevated scrutiny of gun ownership in the United States, it is generally not possible (and unwise taking into consideration the legal implications) for a patient to hide their healthcare marijuana patient status when acquiring a firearm.

How Do State and Regional Prosecutors Strategy Gun Ownership?

No matter what state you are in, if a individual indicates they are a healthcare cannabis card holder, the ‘prohibited persons’ tag will forbid them from acquiring a firearm. There have even been reports of former individuals who do not at present have an active healthcare marijuana card getting denied gun ownership as properly.

Lots of states never enable healthcare cannabis individuals access to guns. photo credit

On the other hand, in states like Pennsylvania exactly where gun ownership levels are higher, the state refuses to turn more than its register of healthcare cannabis card holders. This assists retain its citizens from getting placed on the ‘prohibited persons’ list. Alternatively, a police chief in Hawaii not too long ago issued a statement indicating that cannabis customers need to turn in their weapons – and two individuals did. That statement was rescinded shortly thereafter, but it is a superior instance of what can take place when states or localities try to stick to federal requirements of regulation.

What Ought to Gun-Owning Cannabis Customers Count on in the Future?

Though some governments and legislatures about the nation are looking for to shield their citizens’ gun ownership rights, there is a single argument that stands out above all else: drinking alcohol, opioid addiction, and antidepressant use does not prohibit individuals from acquiring guns, neither need to healthcare cannabis use. Even cannabis shoppers on the recreational side are capable to acquire firearms, generating it increasingly confusing as to why healthcare cannabis individuals are singled out.

This notion harkens back to the absurdity of cannabis getting a Schedule I drug. There’s firm proof displaying it to be a medicine, it is safer for human consumption than alcohol, and does not impair motor capabilities like opioids. It need to be straight away de-scheduled, but laws move gradually. As a lot more states continue to join the bandwagon to legalize cannabis, the federal government will be all but forced to stick to suit or otherwise be in the position of possessing to prosecute the complete nation.

Does Cannabis Use and Gun Ownership Present Unnecessary Dangers?

According to a current study accomplished in the Netherlands, on typical, individuals who consume cannabis are much less prone to aggression and violence when employing cannabis. They also discovered that acute alcohol intoxication is linked to elevated aggression and violence. Though there are individuals who will point to research indicating the hyperlink amongst cannabis use and gang violence, saying that the violence is a outcome of the cannabis use is like saying that beginning on formula is linked to gang violence. There might be a correlation to the two, but there is no causation. It is not the cannabis that causes gang violence, it is the higher poverty levels in regions exactly where gangs exist. So, does cannabis use and gun ownership build untold dangers? No a lot more than alcohol use and gun ownership does, and potentially even much less.

Exactly where Does the Future of Gun Rights and Cannabis Customers Lie?

Senator Folmer of Pennsylvania articulated it properly in his voice of assistance to the President when he endorsed SR 253 on the senate floor: ‘when we passed Pennsylvania’s healthcare cannabis law, we declared: scientific proof suggests cannabis is a single healthcare therapy that might mitigate suffering…and boost high quality-of-life.’ He continued, ‘Congress requirements to address the challenges of possessing two federal laws that conflict with a single one more when making challenges for…citizens.’

Second Amendment
A lot of cannabis shoppers assistance gun rights for healthcare individuals. photo credit

As a plurality of Americans agree on each gun ownership and cannabis use, Senators and Congress individuals will hopefully retain pushing for citizens’ rights to be upheld. Thankfully, the federal government does not have the funds nor the overwhelming energy to enact the Draconian laws it would rather enforce.

Obtaining to determine amongst arming your self for self-defense and employing a plant as medicine is putting individuals in a double-bind. It is like saying: you can have this correct, but you have to give up one more. That is not a fair decision, and we hope the laws will quickly adjust to shield lawful citizens from the federal government’s overreach. Have you spoken with your Senator or Congressperson to urge them to shield cannabis customers?

What are your thoughts on healthcare cannabis consumption and gun ownership? Share them in the comments under!

Photo Credit: DXL (license)

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