Will Astronauts be Receiving Stoned in Space? THC-Infused Space Meals Sticks Launch into Orbit


Cannabis.net sat down with Eric Leftcowitz and talked about his new cannabis startup Space Meals Sticks ®


Space Meals Sticks ® Launched into Cannabis-Infused Edible Becoming the Very first Classic Candy Trademarked Brand to Do So


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Eric Lefcowitz is a former author turned specialty meals entrepreneur primarily based out of New York. His business Retrofuture Solutions LLC not too long ago spearheaded the launch of the classic brand Space Meals Sticks® in the infused-edibles marketplace in California.

Q: How did Pillsbury Space Meals Sticks, a children snack which came out in 1969, turn into cannabis-infused?

A: Effectively it is significant to say that Pillsbury has practically nothing to do with the THC version. I applied for the trademark in 2002 and it is now a federally-registered trademark belonging to my business Retrofuture Solutions.

Q: Duly noted. That tends to make it 1 of very first legacy American meals brands to cross more than into the cannabis space, appropriate?

A: Surely 1 of the very first if not the very first. I like to joke that is 1 little step for a man…

Q: 1 giant leap for man’s thoughts!

A: That is funny. Hey can I use that?

Q: Positive! Yet another query: what is a Space Meals Stick anyway?

A: It is a protein snack, an power bar. It is chewy like a Tootsie Roll but smoother and much better for you. We’re acquiring rave testimonials essentially. Extra than a couple of individuals have assured me it is 1 of the much better tasting edibles at present accessible.

Q: And exactly where is it at present accessible?

A: Proper now we’re street legal in California. I am functioning with B Le Grand who runs Edibles List magazine. She and her companion Patrick now personal a licensed production kitchen referred to as The Art of Edibles. We launched a week ago, specifically on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing.

Q: Cool. Why them?

A: I could have gone with a Canadian-funded business exactly where everyone seemed to have MBAs but I’m from the indie entrepreneur planet and I was searching for out individuals like myself, grassroots individuals. My partners know cannabis culture from the standard market place days. They are genuine individuals so they had been the finest match.

Q: Expansion plans?

A: Totally. There’s interest. If any of your readers in states exactly where it is recreational legal personal an edibles plant want to get in touch I’d enjoy to speak. I enjoy Canada as well.

Q: How did you pick Space Meals Sticks as a project?

A: OK that is a longer answer but it really is I believe it really is quite intriguing due to the fact it speaks to how random life can be.  In 1999 I was a freelance writer functioning for AOL. Bear in mind AOL?

Q: How could I neglect? I utilized all these cost-free discs as coasters.

A: We all did! Anyway I writing a weekly column about the countdown to the millennium which I referred to as Retrofuture. Fundamentally I was hunting at all the fabulous factors that had been supposed to take place by the year 2000.

Q: Jetpacks?

A: Yes. Jetpacks, household domestic robots, vacations on the moon, how we would will need “leisure counselors” in the future due to the fact of all the cost-free time we would have.

Q: That 1 did not pan out.

A: No it did not. I also wrote a column referred to as Let Them Consume Fake! which was somewhat prescient due to the fact I wrote about Soylent Green the film and now we have Soylent. I also discussed protein tablets and the part of Space Meals Sticks in meals history.

Q: So how did it go from that post to a cannabis-infused edible?

A: Here’s exactly where factors get slightly weird and random. Yahoo had a print magazine, haha, to enable individuals fully grasp the World wide web and they wanted to create about my Retrofuture project so I ended up placing my content material on the internet. And Space Meals Sticks began acquiring a lot of search inquiries on Google. This is the year 2001.

Q: So what then?

A: I decided to discovered the Space Meals Sticks Preservation Society. On a whim. It seemed enjoyable and I had a hunch there was anything there. A thousand individuals wrote in appropriate away and a lot of of them stated they wanted to see the item re-introduced. So that is what I did.

Q: You became a candy maker?

A: Fundamentally yes. Of course it took a lot of time and work and the mastering curve was steep but ultimately I re-formulated the solutions and discovered a candy manufacturer in upstate New York. Amazingly individuals began obtaining them. Meals Network came and filmed. We had been promoting at Kennedy Space Center! And I talked to an astronaut named Ed Gibson who ate Space Meals Sticks in actual space. You know in contrast to Tang these babies essentially flew!

Q: But why cannabis?

A: Why not? Haha. OK it was a wee bit much more difficult than that. Just after I lost my manufacturer Vice magazine referred to as me to create about Space Meals Sticks and I just improvised an answer that I bringing them out as a cannabis edible. They loved it and ran it.

Q: You are appropriate. That is a quite crazy story.

A: But accurate.

Q: So 1 final query: you wrote a common biography on the Monkees back in the 1980s. Did any of these guys get higher?

A: Did they? Hahahaha. They had been so higher on the set their second season—they appear completely blazed. And then they produced that psychedelic cult film with Jack Nicholson referred to as “Head.” Let’s just say they had been fans.


Q How can individuals get in touch with you about Space Meals Sticks?

Make contact with Eric at [email protected] or verify out our web page right here.









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