New Prime Minister Boris Johnson Welcomes Cannabis Advocate to Administration


  • Boris Johnson was not too long ago elected as the Prime Minister of the UK.
  • Johnson added Blair Gibbs, a former policing aide and cannabis advocate, to his administration.

The UK not too long ago elected Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minster, and Johnson is currently adding to his administration. In a current report from Buzzfeed, Johnson has added Blair Gibbs, who is identified for becoming a constant advocate for cannabis in the United Kingdom. To join the administration, Gibbs is departing from his former position as the policy lead at the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis. When Johnson was the London mayor, Gibbs had served as a policing aide.

Gibbs has been a supporter of the legalization of cannabis in the UK for the final seven years, even when functioning at the Policy Exchange, a conservative feel tank. When speaking with The Occasions final year, he expressed that the prohibition of this substance was not viewed as a “smart and accountable policy” any longer. In reality, he went as far as to praise the legalization that Canada implemented across their nation, calling the choice “bold policy and great government.”

Along with Gibs, Johnson has added Danny Kruger as his Political Secretary, who also is supportive of legalization in the UK. In a 2017 post for Spectator magazine, he wrote,

“A brave step would be to commission a report hunting at the influence on young people’s wellbeing of drugs – such as the impact of illegality, and the prospective for a regulated industry.”

Johnson even admitted to the use of cannabis as a teenager, even though he does not want his young children to take on this substance.

A survey by the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group showed that practically half of adults in England are supportive of the legalization of cannabis in England, when 77% agree with the legalization of health-related marijuana.


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