Meet the Business That is Automating Cannabis Cultivation – Interview with David Kessler SVP of TriGrow Systems


The art of cannabis cultivation has evolved into new territory provided each legalization and technologies. What utilised to lack in efficiency and consistency, is now meticulously observed by way of tech and information. So a great deal so that the complete provide chain is heavily relying on this for the market’s sustained loyalty to any provided brand.

Cannabis Magazine had a possibility to sit down with David Kessler, SVP of Horticultural Options at TriGrow Systems Inc. a technologies enterprise giving precision cultivation options to the cannabis market. David comes with 20+ years of cannabis cultivation encounter such as 10 years of CEA (closed environmental agriculture) indoor farm design and style and extra.

TriGrow marries the most current agricultural technologies with most effective practices from crop science, meals security, and biosecurity to provide a intelligent, automated cannabis cultivation resolution for the future that is absolutely new to the cannabis cultivating planet. – David Kessler




TriGrow Systems

TriGrow has various diverse elements to the company..what was the beginning thought that launched the enterprise in the very first location?

David: From the starting, TriGrow’s core tenet has been that higher excellent and expense-effective production are not mutually exclusive.

We recognized early on that standard cultivation practices lacked efficiency, consistency, and information. Regular indoor cultivation approaches need big amounts of energy, have as well several touch points and lack consistency of the developing atmosphere.

TriGrow is precision agriculture: applying technologies and leveraging information to empower growers, providing them the tools to maximize excellent at the lowest attainable production expense.

TriGrow Computer software

Clarify TriGrow Systems…have you observed this technologies elsewhere in agriculture?

David: Regular cultivation arose in the course of an era of cannabis prohibition, exactly where it was extra crucial to be clandestine rather than effective, and so the application of modern day agricultural investigation and most effective practices was under no circumstances adopted by most growers.

TriGrow marries the most current agricultural technologies with most effective practices from crop science, meals security, and biosecurity to provide a intelligent, automated cannabis cultivation resolution for the future that is absolutely new to the cannabis cultivating planet.

We concentrate on using technologies and automation to lower labor intensive cultivation tasks, assure biosecurity mitigating pest and pathogen problems, multi-layer cultivation to maximize the utilization of offered actual estate and the collection of close to 1 million information points per cultivation chamber per year to perpetually optimize the cultivation procedure and in the end the excellent of the flower created!

TriGrow Cultivation Technologies

Some of the technologies we deploy is not exclusive to TriGrow, but we aim to deploy modern day technologies in new and revolutionary techniques that have not been utilized ahead of. For instance, LED lighting is becoming extra prevalent in the cannabis market, but TriGrow employs overhead and inter-canopy LEDs at an market top overall performance of two.eight µmols per watt, which maximizes light delivery, in turn maximizing general consistency, excellent and yield.

Water-chilled HVAC options are getting utilised to lower electrical consumption, which in and of itself is not exclusive to TriGrow even so, when paired with our environmental manage program and software program, this enables the independent manage more than temperature and humidity and a net reduction in electrical consumption.

In the end, TriGrow utilizes technologies, each current and novel, to cultivate higher excellent flower with repeatable practices to provide consistency of procedure and solution. We want to transform the paradigm of indoor cultivation


Have you been met with any skepticism from growers, questioning the consistency or concerned that the “art” of developing is lost?

David: At Anytime a thing new is poised to disrupt the status quo, there is usually resistance. Growers have looked at TriGrow’s technologies with skepticism and doubt since it does not appear like what they are accustomed to, nor does it function the way they are utilised to.

TriGrow balances a quite hands-on method to cultivation with technologies and automation that afford a competitive benefit even in the most price tag compressed markets. What the TriGrow Technique does is supply the experimentation and evaluation tools to elevate the excellent of the flower cultivated beyond what regular cultivation practices let, a grower’s dream come correct.

Our systems aim to empower growers, not replace them.

Supply: Terpenes &amp Testing Magazine

Clarify the objective of TriGrow Capital – can organizations stay away from high priced or limiting bank loans? What sort of economic hardships does TriGrow Capital address?

David: We formed TriGrow Capital to enable resolve a crucial require we have observed in this market: the lack of access to regular financing. The vast majority of consumers and potential consumers we encountered had 1 choice to supply capital, and that was equity issuance.

Bank loans for functioning capital or gear financing does not exist with the Federal overhang in its present state. It is challenging sufficient for several corporations in this sector, each plant and non-plant touching, to even have deposit accounts.  This division aims to address and alleviate some of these funding and development challenges exclusive to the cannabis market, by giving gear financing solutions on TriGrow Systems gear and enabling corporations to scale quickly with extra balance sheet flexibility.

TriGrow Capital has lately financed $five.4M across two  bargains in Washington and Colorado, and on July 23rd we announced a new $30M term loan financing facility which will be deployed more than the subsequent 12 months.

With costs for cannabis exactly where they are, paybacks are quite quick and the ROI is extremely compelling to make these necessary capital expenditures. Cultivators of all sizes across the globe are looking for non-dilutive avenues to finance their development plans and we are endeavoring to meet this require, present the selections they deserve, and be as useful as we can to foster their accomplishment.


What’s subsequent for TriGrow?

David: In the close to future, TriGrow will be the cultivation resolution for each craft cultivators searching to develop artisanal flower, as properly as industrial cultivators searching for consistency to drive their national brands.

TriGrow’s expense effective production capability, combined with the capacity to maximize particular chemical and physical flower traits, will place TriGrow at the forefront of the market.

We strive to continue to meet growers’ demands and exceed their expectations – TriGrow aims to address all elements of a effective company, from low operating fees to higher excellent constant output, from provide to systems to capital to branding, and enable turn it into a thriving company.


Thanks for sharing TriGrow with us David!

David: Thanks for possessing me!

David Kessler – SVP of TriGrow Systems





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