Celebrate National Cleanse Your Skin Week with Rejuvidiol! – 2019 [ August ]


The first week of August is National Cleanse Your Skin Week. Are you ready? Use Rejuvidiol CBD Skin Cleanser to protect your skin with the power of CBD.

Celebrate National Cleanse Your Skin Week with Rejuvidiol!

The balmy summer months might make you feel like you’re crawling out of your skin. For this National Cleanse Your Skin Week, give your hot, tired skin a break with Rejuvidiol CBD Face Cleanser! Learn all about National Cleanse Your Skin Week and why you should celebrate this nationwide occasion with CBD.

The First Week of August is National Cleanse Your Skin Week

This year, Americans around the country will celebrate the hottest, muggiest part of the year by paying special attention to their skin health. National Cleanse Your Skin Week encourages people around the country to respond proactively to the skin struggles summer brings by taking steps to make their skin shine despite the uncomfortable weather.

What better way to celebrate National Cleanse Your Skin Week than by using our revolutionary CBD skin cleanser, Rejuvidiol? Here at CBDfx, we gave our top-tier CBD product development team the task of creating a face cleanser that also includes our premium cannabidiol, and the end result certainly doesn’t disappoint. Rejuvidiol combines CBD with time-honored natural ingredients that beauty experts know clear your pores and make your skin glow.

Rejuvidiol: Cleanse with the Power of CBD

People around the world are demanding CBD be included in all of their most favorite daily products; and as the country celebrates National Cleanse Your Skin Week, there’s no place like the USA for using CBD-infused products to keep your face clean. The special ingredients we’ve included in Rejuvidiol make this CBD face cleanser even more effective:

  • Charcoal: The main purpose of charcoal in skin care is to draw contaminants and toxins out of your skin. This natural substance cleans out your pores, which helps prevent the irritation that can lead to oxidative stress and acne.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint has powerful soothing properties, and this all-natural plant extract also mediates how your skin produces oils, which can help with acne.
  • Willow bark extract: Willow is where you get Aspirin from, and the bark of this tree has impressive anti-inflammatory benefits. When combined with CBD, willow bark extract appears to reduce skin inflammation, redness, and acne.
  • Green tea extract: Green tea is packed full of antioxidants, and applying green tea extract to your face has been shown to be an effective way to promote skin health and fight back against aging.

How Does CBD Help Your Skin?


Over the years, scientists have researched a wide variety of ways that CBD appears to improve skin health. Overall, CBD appears to act as an anti-inflammatory agent, which might reduce a variety of symptoms stemming from harmful skin conditions. Learn more about the benefits of CBD that make this cannabinoid such an exciting choice for any high-end skin cleansing product.

1. CBD and Oxidative Stress

Stress is just as bad for your skin as it is for your mental state. When your skin gets stressed out, it ages more quickly, and you’re more likely to develop conditions like acne and rosacea. The type of stress that hurts your skin is called oxidative stress, which is caused by harmful agents called free radicals.

Antioxidants reduce the levels of free radicals in your skin, and applying antioxidants topically is the most effective way to combat skin-based oxidative stress. Levels of free radicals in your skin increase when your skin is inflamed, and inflammation also makes you more likely to develop skin conditions.

By helping both inflammation “gone wild” and putting free radicals to rest, it seems that Rejuvidiol may soothe and calm the entire matrix of factors that result in aging, acne, and other common skin conditions.

2. Skin Cleanser with CBD for Acne

In the past, scientists were convinced that a certain type of bacteria was the main cause of acne. An increasing number of researchers, however, now believe that inflammation is the primary cause of acne, which means you’ll want to calm your skin in order to fight this condition.

Your sebocytes are the tiny glands inside each of your individual skin pores that produce sebum, which is a vital skin oil that helps your skin protect your tissues. Inflammation in the pores, however, causes your sebocytes to become overactive, and when these glands produce too much sebum, your pores are more likely to become clogged.

In addition to reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in general, Rejuvediol might be able to reduce the sebum that causes your pores to clog in the first place. 

While acne is one of the most famous inflammatory skin conditions, other conditions, like rosacea, also cause unsightly skin redness. No matter what type of inflammatory skin condition you may have, Rejuvidiol may reduce overall redness and sensitivity by treating inflammation in the skin.

3. Can You Use Face Cleansers With CBD for Anti-Aging?

Oxidative stress makes it hard for your skin cells to reproduce, and it also lowers levels of collagen and elastin in your dermis. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and it’s responsible for your skin’s youthful plumpness and softness. Elastin, on the other hand, is the protein that keeps your skin from sagging and forming into permanent wrinkles.

Since oxidative stress also directly reduces the length of your telomeres, this cell-damaging phenomenon is like a ticking time bomb that reduces the number of times your skin cells can reproduce. For years, dermatologists have known that reducing oxidative stress in the skin is the key to keeping your face looking young forever, but most antioxidants aren’t strong enough to have the desired effect.

Using Rejuvidiol is a fantastic way to give your skin the antioxidant action it needs to stay young and healthy.

Celebrate National Cleanse Your Skin Week with Rejuvidiol!

Celebrate Healthy Skin

It’s always the right time to feel good in the skin you’re in. Whether it’s during the height of summer or the sub-zero lows of winter, however, your skin has a tough time serving as the vital barrier between you and the outside world when the weather’s harsh. Using the invigorating experience of CBD, you can cleanse your skin in style while giving all 14 layers of your dermis the care and nutrition they need to really shine. Order your bottle of Rejuvidiol CBD Face Cleanser today to celebrate National Cleanse Your Skin Week in style!


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