CBD For The Men and women Unrefined Salve


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CBD For The Men and women Unrefined Salve

Complete-spectrum CBD is NOT developed equal. CBD is DARK when extracted from the hemp plant. This is the RAW, UNREFINED state. It requires a lot of refining to make the oil GOLDEN and Fairly like most other salves on the industry.

Cannabinoids, nutrients, and terpenes are LOST at Every single STAGE of the refining course of action. Generally, the darker the oil the far better!

Our DARK, Unrefined, Complete-Spectrum CBD SALVE includes the MOST cannabinoids, the MOST terpenes, and the MOST plant nutrients more than any GOLDEN REFINED salve or lotion, period.

We maintain it Actual dark, Actual raw and Actual potent.
UNREFINED = Actual Final results!

As usually, we continue to provide astounding merchandise that are Economical For The Men and women. If you trust our brand and are familiar with our products…. hey, we haven’t let you down yet…and we do not mess about when it comes to potency. =]

Grab an UNREFINED SALVE and maintain it RAW, the way nature intended.

(PS: This solution is so potent you only need to have a tiny bit every use. The jar will actually final SO extended we do not know when you will need to have to order a further one… Negative for us, fantastic For The Men and women Components

100% UNREFINED, non-GMO, decarboxylated, cannabinoid-wealthy, hemp-legal aerial cannabis extract. Complete spectrum cannabinoid profile, organic terpenoids, vitamin E, omega three,six,9 vital fatty acids, organic hemp chlorophyll, and other organic phytonutrients.
Salve base components: Organic unrefined coconut oil, organic unrefined African shea butter, candelilla vegan plant wax, organic vital oils blend, arnica oil, vitamin E.


Apply topically to clean, dry skin

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