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Dabbing has taken the cannabis world by storm lately. The explosive recognition of concentrates has launched not solely a brand new methodology for consuming cannabis, but additionally a completely new tradition, vocabulary, and a variety of specialised instruments and elements. This text gives you an in depth breakdown of the instruments wanted to dab like a professional and profit from your encounter with cannabis concentrates.


Except for the rig itself, nails are essentially the most very important a part of the dabbing expertise. A nail is actually a shallow dish that slides into the downstem of your dab rig, and is the element to which you apply warmth and onto which you’ll drop and vaporize your concentrates.


There are two foremost kinds of dab nails you should use with a dab rig:

Nails with Dome 

These nails require the usage of an extra piece known as a dome, which slides excessive of a heated nail to assist evenly distribute warmth and retain vapor.


Once you use a nail and dome, you warmth the nail to the specified temperature, slide the dome excessive of the nail, drop your focus onto the new nail, and pull within the vapor.

Domeless Nails 

Simply because the title signifies, domeless nails don’t require the usage of a dome. As an alternative, they characteristic a bigger dish and a gap within the middle by which the vapor travels into the rig.


At the moment, many dabbers choose utilizing domeless nails, for the reason that bigger dishes permit them to hit bigger dabs. Utilizing a domeless nail additionally tends to be a bit easier than the method of heating a nail after which sliding a dome down over it.


Within the absence of a dome, it’s now quite common to make use of a carb cap with a domeless nail. A carb cap rests on prime of the nail whereas the focus is effervescent and vaporizing, and is lifted off the nail once you’re able to clear the vapor. This creates a small chamber of warmth that permits you to dab successfully at decrease temperatures for a cleaner style.


The fabric of the dab nail is one other crucial issue to contemplate. Listed below are the first choices presently out there to pay attention customers:  

Titanium Nails 

Titanium nails are steel, which implies they warmth rapidly and retain warmth effectively. They’re additionally very sturdy and exhausting to interrupt. Nonetheless, after prolonged use, you might even see titanium oxide buildups, which may impair the efficiency of your nail. Moreover, titanium nails are generally not medical- or food-grade merchandise, which implies there’s at all times the likelihood that the nail might leach dangerous contaminants at excessive temperatures. For this reason, for those who resolve to take the titanium route, many seasoned stoners customers stress the significance of utilizing a dab nail made from medical-grade 2 titanium.

Ceramic nails 

Ceramic nails take the longest to warmth up, however as soon as they’re on the desired temperature, they have an inclination to retain warmth higher than different kinds of nails. Sadly, cracks or breakage are extra widespread with a ceramic nail as a result of materials’s inherent fragility. As a result of they’re medical- and food-grade merchandise, ceramic nails remove any considerations about dangerous contaminants leaching into your weed vapor.

Quartz nails 

Quartz nails, sometimes known as quartz bangers, warmth up rapidly however are likely to lose warmth rapidly, too. For that purpose, it’s greatest to make use of a carb cap together with your quartz nail. Like ceramic, quartz nails don’t leach dangerous contaminants and are very secure to make use of. 

Glass nails 

Glass nails are usually the least sturdy, as they will crack and even shatter on the excessive temperatures wanted for dabbing. Nonetheless, glass nails are often essentially the most reasonably priced choice, they keep warmth comparatively effectively, and are simple to make use of. However for those who dab continuously, be ready to switch a glass nail sooner or later when it breaks.


Many dab rigs embrace a percolator, also known as a “perc.” Additionally present in most bongs, these elements elevate the efficiency of your water pipe by creating tons of effervescent motion that results in water filtration. There are such a lot of kinds of percolators in the marketplace at the moment, together with:

  • Disk percs consult with any kind of disk-shaped percolator with a community of openings designed to create bubbles. Given their comparatively compact form and measurement, it’s simple to stack a number of disk percs right into a single rig, permitting you to customise your piece.
  • Tree percs characteristic quite a lot of separate arms, every with an array of small holes or slits. The quite a few arms and  holes create tons of bubbles, which interprets into tons of filtration.
  • Bathe head percs sit on the backside of the downstem, submerged within the water chamber.  Designed within the form of a hoop, one of these perc features a sequence of small openings, identical to a bathe head. When vapor passes by these holes, they immediately create hundreds of tiny bubbles for elevated filtration.
  • Frit disk percs are made by bonding collectively a bunch of small glass particles right into a disk-like form. This course of leaves behind quite a few tiny openings all through the disk, and these little openings create large effervescent motion — arguably extra effervescent than another kind of perc. The one draw back is that pulling by all these little holes requires some severe lung effort and so they can simply turn into plugged by leftover reclaim.
  • Honeycomb percs characteristic holes reduce in the identical construction as a honeycomb and have a tendency to provide extra bubbles than normal disk percolators.
  • Inline/Stemline percs work loads like normal downstem percs, however as an alternative of sitting at a downward slanted angle, an inline or stemline perc sits horizontally throughout the water chamber. Because of this all holes within the perc are on the similar degree within the water, slightly than some being greater up than others, thereby making certain a extra even filtration course of.
  • Helix designs are percs organized into a number of arms that are likely to twist or wrap round one another contained in the water chamber.

Warmth Supply

There are two major methods to warmth your nail: manually utilizing a blowtorch or electrically utilizing an e-nail.


Relating to utilizing a blowtorch, many advocate steering away from propane torches and choosing a butane torch as an alternative. The high quality of the gasoline is among the most typical causes individuals give for selecting butane. And whereas propane is a much less refined gasoline, consultants really report that dabbing with propane is not considerably extra harmful than dabbing with butane, because you’re heating the nail earlier than inhaling something as an alternative of inhaling immediately off the flame.


With that mentioned, propane can generally warmth nails too intensely, doubtlessly damaging the nail.


Except for deciding between butane and propane, you can too choose from full-sized blowtorches or mini-torches. Basically, full-sized torches are a bit extra cumbersome and tough to make use of — particularly once you’re feeling the results of a deep dab session.


Lastly, if you wish to keep away from the effort of manually heating your nail, you may go together with an e-nail vaporizer. These gadgets sometimes have a digital interface that permits you to enter exact temperatures , whereas additionally displaying the present temperature of your nail. 


Dabbers are easy instruments used to scoop out a dab of focus after which drop it onto the heated nail. You will get dabbers made out of steel or glass. Each are equally efficient, however do not forget that for those who go away a steel dabber on a scorching nail for too lengthy, it’s going to additionally get scorching, so watch out when dealing with.


At the moment, the preferred dabbers come as a mixture instrument with a carb cap on one finish, and an prolonged deal with with a scooper on the opposite finish.

Cleansing Instruments

To maintain your dab rig acting at peak ranges, and to make sure the very best dabbing expertise, it’s necessary to continually preserve your gear clear. On the minimal, you’ll most likely want the next cleansing instruments for a conventional dab rig:

  • Cotton swabs to wipe out your nail. Give it a fast swipe after every dab.
  • Cleansing wipes for all glass elements.
  • Pipe cleaners to wash the downstem and different glass cylindrical elements.
  • Cleansing resolution in your water pipe and percolator — you should use both an answer formulated particularly for water pipes or go together with extra makeshift choices akin to isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or tea tree oil blended with salt.

Past these primary cleansing instruments, you can too buy extra specialised dab rig cleansing kits that comprise particular cleansing instruments designed for every element.

Storage Gear

With so many separate elements, dab rigs require some particular storage gear. And whereas there’s a seemingly limitless array of storage choices and new merchandise hitting the market on a regular basis, there are a number of necessities that each focus shopper ought to have.


Relating to storing your glass items, it’s typically greatest to search for a sturdy case with loads of padding and individualized area for every fragile element. A lot of these circumstances additionally make it very simple to move your rig. Together with a lid that snaps shut tightly and securely, you can too go for the added safety of a lockable storage case.


For storing your concentrates, go together with both silicone or glass storage jars particularly designed for dabs. Concentrates received’t follow containers made out of those supplies, making it clear, handy, and straightforward to scoop out dabs when it comes time to eat them. 


Moreover, many focus jars might be saved inside odor-proof storage packing containers. These are a superb addition to a dab storage package, as they offer you a neat, discreet, and arranged place to retailer your concentrates in a single location. As a bonus, many storage packing containers additionally embrace holders for storing dabbers and dabber/carb cap mixture instruments.

Dab Equipment

The recognition of dabbing has given option to a brand new area of interest business of dab equipment. And whereas there are quite a few extremely specialised equipment in the marketplace, a number of the most useful and necessary embrace:

Oil reclaimers 

A reclaimer is a glass attachment that matches between the nail and the water chamber, the place it collects any runoff focus, in addition to any focus that condenses out of the vapor. After sufficient reclaim oil builds up, you may both scrape it out or apply some light warmth, soften it, and let it drip out.


Both approach, lab assessments have discovered that reclaim oil could be very potent, sometimes containing between 40% to 50%, THC in addition to excessive ranges of a minimum of 4 different cannabinoids. Moreover, as a result of reclaim has already been heated, it’s totally decarboxylated, making it a superb ingredient for cooking or baking functions.

Dabbing multi-tools 

There are a variety of multi-tools in the marketplace, all comparatively much like each other. Sometimes, they embrace quite a lot of dabbers and scrapers, probably a small carb cap, cleansing instruments, and different helpful devices like tiny flashlights, scissors, and tamping instruments. Having a very good multi-tool available could make the method of dabbing a bit extra handy and streamlined.

Dab mats 

Dab mats may not appear to be a essential addition to the instrument package, however they really make a notable distinction. Most dab mats are made out of silicone, supplying you with a slip-proof place to arrange your rig and making it very simple to wash if any concentrates or different substances drip onto the mat. 


As you turn into a extra skilled dabber, and as you determine your most popular dabbing setup, you can begin searching round for extra specialised equipment to personalize your expertise additional.

Different Methods to Devour Concentrates

Utilizing a full-sized dab rig isn’t the one option to take pleasure in cannabis concentrates.


You may as well hit dabs utilizing a nectar collector, dab straw, or honey collector. These are comparatively easy gadgets consisting of a quartz or titanium tip; a physique made out of glass or silicone, which can embrace a small water chamber, percolator, or reclaimer; and a cylindrical mouthpiece made out of glass or silicone. After heating the tip, you slowly drag it throughout a dab, inhaling the vapor as you set the machine in movement.


Equally, vape pens are one other extremely well-liked focus consumption different to full-size dab rigs. Most fashions embrace a small glass cartridge stuffed with cannabis oil and a heating factor made out of both steel or ceramic. The cartridge then screws onto a battery, which supplies energy to the heating factor and permits you to vaporize and inhale the oil.


Each nectar collectors and vape pens are famous for his or her ease of use and portability. Vape pens specifically have quickly turn into a mainstay in cannabis tradition, as they’re extremely discreet, clear, and straightforward to hold and use — all whereas delivering a potent product.


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