With Petition Milestone, Recreational Marijuana Is 1 Step Closer in Florida


For years, Floridians have watched from the sidelines as states such as Colorado, California, and even Michigan have legalized recreational marijuana.

But with activists pushing to get recreational weed on the 2020 ballot in Florida, the possibility of legalization now appears likelier than ever. Yesterday the advocacy group Regulate Florida announced its petition to legalize pot has gathered additional than 76,632 verified signatures — adequate to trigger a critique by the Florida Supreme Court.

“We have a lengthy way to go to get it on the ballot, but we will GET IT Performed Collectively!!!” the organization wrote in an e mail newsletter. “TODAY IS THE 1st VICTORY OF Numerous TO COME!!!”

Subsequent, the Florida Supreme Court will critique the language of the potential ballot item, which would regulate weed like alcohol in that marijuana would be legal “for restricted use and growing” for anybody 21 years or older. Even if the language is authorized, Regulate Florida would nonetheless require 766,200 signatures to place the amendment ahead of voters. [Read more at Miami New Times]


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