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Join millions of pet owners around the world by giving CBD to your pets. Learn everything you need to know about CBDfx CBD products for pets in this guide.

Top Reasons to Use CBD for Pets: The Definitive CBDfx Guide

There are lots of reasons that people around the world have decided to give CBD to their pets. This hemp-derived substance is all-natural, it doesn’t make pets high, and there are tons of ways to give your pets CBD.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve collected everything you need to know when you’re giving your pets CBD for the first time. Read on to learn all the benefits of CBD for pets, familiarize yourself with the best ways to give your pets CBD, and find out exactly how much CBD you should give your favorite furry friend.

Basic Benefits of CBD for Pets

While there are tons of reasons that CBD is desirable for pet owners, there are a few benefits of CBD for pets that stand out above all the rest. Here are a few examples of why dog and cat owners everywhere have turned to CBD tinctures and treats for pets:

CBDfx CBD for Pets Is All-Natural

It’s clear that you love your pets more than almost anything else, but many manufacturers of pet products don’t care about your furry friend’s health as much as you do. The pet food and treat industry is rife with fillers, toxic preservatives, and dangerous active ingredients that might do more harm than good.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is a derivative of the hemp plant, which means that it’s all-natural. Whether it’s full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD, this cannabinoid is a natural product, and it’s even possible to certify hemp used for CBD oil production as organic.

Your pet’s body already contains endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoid-like molecules that the bodies of many mammals make on their own. Therefore, your cat or dog’s body is already equipped to handle CBD, which simply adds to the natural allure of this hemp-based substance.

CBD and THC Are Very Different

While THC and CBD are both cannabinoids, these distant cousins couldn’t be more different. THC mainly exerts its effects by activating your body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, which essentially overloads your endocannabinoid system and causes intoxication, paranoia, or even hallucinations.

CBD, however, only has a mild affinity with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which appears to be why this cannabinoid isn’t intoxicating. On the other hand, CBD appears to act as an agonist at the 5-HT1A and TRPV1 receptors, which triggers a widely different array of non-intoxicating effects.

The more that scientists research this fascinating cannabinoid, the more CBD mechanisms of action they discover. We’ve only just started learning about CBD, which is why the FDA hasn’t yet given the nod to this natural compound. Cannabidiol-infused products continue to get more and more popular, however, which all but assures that CBD will fully enter the mainstream sooner rather than later.

There are Lots of Ways to Give CBD to Your Pets

With many substances you give your pets, there are only one or two administration methods available. With CBD for pets, however, there are tons of different ways you can give your pets this cannabinoid, which opens up your options and helps you deal with recalcitrant cats and stubborn dogs who don’t want to take their daily CBD.

The most common way to give CBD to your pets is to administer CBD oil sublingually with an eyedropper, but you can also give your pets CBD in their treats or food. You can even apply CBD to your pet’s skin with a CBD cream or balm, which means the sky is the limit as you and your pet work together to find the daily CBD regimen that works best for both of you.

Keep in mind that many CBD products for pets come in flavors that your pet generally likes. CBD that’s flavored like meat is a hit with both dogs and cats, and it’s also generally possible to choose a CBD tincture strength that’s proportional to your pet’s size.

Everything You Need to Know About CBD for Pets with Joint Problems

The FDA has not yet ruled on the benefits of hemp oil for joint pain, but pet owners everywhere are desperate for a solution to the joint pain their cats and dogs endure. Just like humans, cats and dogs experience cartilage degradation as they age, which leads to arthritis and other painful conditions with which older pet owners can sympathize all too well.

If you’ve made the choice to use CBD for joint pain in dogs, you should know that different delivery methods offer different mechanisms of bioavailability. When you apply substances topically, for instance, they absorb directly into the area where they’re applied as long as they’re included in formulas that can penetrate your skin.

When you ingest the same substances orally, however, they offer system-wide effects. Orally-digested active ingredients, however, have the liver to deal with; this helpful organ filters out many different types of active ingredients, which reduces their bioavailability.

In pets and in humans, joint pain is usually limited to a particular area, which means it might make more sense to use topical joint pain treatments when your dog or cat is in distress. At the same time, however, anti-inflammatory substances that your pet ingests orally, like medications your vet provides, may provide system-wide results that reduce general inflammation levels.

Quite a few mechanisms contribute to the development of osteoarthritis and other common types of arthritis, but scientists have determined that oxidative stress plays a key role in the development and progression of arthritic symptoms. Therefore, vet prescribed medication that reduces oxidative stress may save your pet’s joints by eliminating inflammation and promoting healing.

CBD for Dog Stomach Issues: Does It Work?

If you choose to use CBD for your dog’s stomach issues, you’ll need to start by finding a way to get your dog to swallow CBD. While the FDA has yet to rule on the benefits of CBD for dogs, this natural cannabinoid remains popular among dog owners, and these pet-owning CBD enthusiasts have come up with tons of creative ways to give CBD to their dogs.

Does CBD work for stomach issues in dogs? CBDfx does not make any claims about CBD’s efficacy for pet stomach troubles, so you’ll need to give your dog CBD yourself to find out. That said, CBD generally isn’t believed to cause serious side effects, but you should still consult with your veterinarian before you decide to use CBD for dog stomach issues.

How to Get Your Dog to Take CBD: Top 7 Tactics

If you’ve ever tried to get your dog to eat anything other than your furry friend’s normal food, then you know that getting even the most domesticated canine to take something out of a dropper is harder than it looks. If things go well, your dog will swallow it all, but you could easily end up with a huge mess all over your floor if you aren’t careful. CBD fans have doggedly developed new techniques for feeding CBD to their dogs over the years, and here are the top seven tactics that have resulted from this hands-on research:

1. Gently Hold Your Dog’s Mouth Closed

If you squeeze CBD into your dog’s mouth willy-nilly, it’s almost guaranteed that your pet will spit your CBD tincture right out. While it might seem heavy-handed, it’s usually necessary to gently hold your pet’s mouth closed to encourage them to swallow and keep the tincture you’ve put in your dog’s mouth from getting all over the floor.

Hold your pet’s mouth closed from as far back on the jaw as possible, and gently blow on your furry friend’s nose or stroke your pet’s throat to encourage swallowing. Remember to be as gentle and calm as possible to remind your dog that the situation is safe and secure.

2. Don’t Tilt Your Dog’s Head!

While this isn’t technically a technique for dosing your dog with CBD, it’s important to mention anyway. In the past, it was common practice to tilt your dog’s head back while you held your furry companion’s mouth closed, and this tactic was believed to force your dog to swallow.

In reality, however, tipping your dog’s head back after you squeeze a dropperful of tincture in your canine’s mouth could cause choking and stress. If you do hold your dog’s mouth closed after you administer a CBD tincture, make sure to keep your canine’s head level.

3. Use a Treat as a Reward

More than 100 years ago, pioneering Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov discovered that dogs could be trained to behave predictably by associating behaviors with pleasure or discomfort. Called Pavlovian conditioning, this technique holds true today, and it can be incredibly useful when you want to make giving your pet CBD easier in the future.

Practicing classical conditioning with your dog or cat is easy; simply follow up every CBD administration session with a delicious treat. Over time, your pet will start to associate taking CBD with getting a treat, and your cat or dog will be happy to comply with the process to get a tasty snack at the end.

4. Use a Treat as an Administration Method

Better yet, use a treat as the administration method itself. Many owners find that their pets prefer CBD in the form of a tasty snack, and adding CBD to a treat is easy.

For traditional dog treats, which have the consistency of dry cookies or crackers, simply squirt a dropperful of CBD tincture onto the treat and wait for the CBD oil to soak up. Once the oil has soaked into the treat fully, you can give your pet CBD while keeping your dog or cat none the wiser.

Alternatively, you can mix your CBD tincture for pets into a soft treat like peanut butter. CBD oil and the oils in peanut butter work well together from a culinary perspective, and you can also add CBD oil tincture to cream cheese or whichever soft treat your pet likes best.

5. Pick a Flavored CBD Tincture Your Dog Will Love

Many self-respecting dogs and cats turn their noses at anything that smells like hemp. As natural carnivores that were only forced to become omnivores after domestication, cats and dogs like things that at least taste like meat, and thankfully, it’s easy to find flavored CBD tinctures for pets that taste just like your furry friend’s favorite snacks.

6. Add CBD Tincture to Your Dog’s Food

Wet cat or dog food is an ideal candidate for the base of a CBD-enriched meal. You can simply squeeze a dropperful of CBD tincture into your pet’s wet food right before you serve it; just remember to mix the tincture into your furry friend’s food fully to mask the taste.

Dry pet food is absorbent, which means you could also add CBD tincture to cat or dog kibble. However, individual dry pet food pieces are quite small, so squeezing a dropperful of tincture over a bowl of dry dog or cat food could end up being disastrous. It’s best to stick with the most obvious option and make your pet’s next can of wet food a CBD-infused surprise.

7. Bake Homemade CBD Dog Treats

Why settle for what’s available on the market when you can make your own CBD dog treats? Just like plenty of other plant-based oils, CBD-rich hemp oil is easy to cook with, and here’s a simple CBD dog treat recipe that you can try for yourself at home:


  • 2.5 cups flour
  • 2 large free-range eggs
  • ½ cup canned organic pumpkin
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 droppers CBDfx Pet CBD Oil


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Combine the flour, eggs, pumpkin, and peanut butter in a large bowl
  • Add water as necessary to make the dough more workable
  • Add the salt, cinnamon, and most importantly, your CBDfx Pet CBD Oil
  • Mix until the CBD is fully dispersed throughout the dough
  • Make the dough into cookie shapes, and place it on a cookie sheet
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown
  • After cooling, serve your homemade CBD treats to your delighted dog!

Top Reasons to Use CBD for Pets: The Definitive CBDfx Guide

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

With so many options on the market, picking out the best CBD oil for dogs with joint pain can be a challenge. However, it’s surprisingly easy to separate the wheat from the chaff once you’re familiar with the makings of a good CBD product. As you sort through the available options, keep the following criteria in mind:

1. Lab Testing

Reputable CBD companies provide lab reports for all their products. It isn’t enough for a company to simply test its CBD oil or CBD isolate; it’s also necessary to test the finished products themselves. That’s the only way to make sure that the CBD products you buy actually contain the amount of CBD listed on the bottle. You’ll find that all CBDfx products contain slightly more CBD than we advertise.

It’s also important to make sure that the company’s lab tests are independent. Just like any other industry, cronyism is possible in the CBD world, and the last thing you want is a lab report that was flubbed due to a personal relationship getting in the way of proper objectivity. Fully vet the relationship between the testing agency and the CBD company to make sure there’s no incentive for the results to be anything less than completely accurate.

2. Price Per Milligram

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis is only as good as its price. While the FDA has started understandably tightening their standards recently, the CBD industry is still largely unregulated, which means that CBD pet product manufacturers can charge as much for their products as customers are willing to pay. After even a cursory inspection of some of the products offered by some of the country’s biggest CBD companies, you’d be shocked to note the incredible price variation between products that contain the same amount of CBD.

One of the best ways to determine a CBD pet product’s value is by making a simple price-per-milligram calculation. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Find the price of the CBD product in question. You can either factor in shipping costs and discounts or simply go off the MSRP.
  2. Find the milligrams of CBD the product contains. Keep in mind that some shady companies list their products in milligrams of “hemp oil,” which can make it hard to find out how much CBD is actually in the product.
  3. Divide the price of the product by the milligrams of CBD it contains. Our Pet CBD Oil 150mg (Small Breed), for instance, contains 150mg of CBD, and it costs $39.99. Therefore, the price-per-milligram for this product is $0.26, which you’ll find is standard within the industry. Our large breed CBD tincture, however, has a price-per-milligram of $0.15, which makes it an even better deal.

NOTE: The raw price of CBD in price-per-milligram isn’t the only thing you need to look out for. A company might have cut corners to deliver lower prices, so keep in mind that high-quality CBD oil products generally cost slightly more than the cheapest options on the market.

3. Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a large criterion that covers a variety of different factors. Customer reviews can give you a great idea of how a CBD company is generally viewed by the public, but you’ll also want to look at how long a company has been in business and its popularity in search results. Keep a close eye out for any customer complaints; a single complaint on its own doesn’t mean much, but if you see the same issue crop up multiple times, the pet CBD company you’re considering might have systemic problems.

CBD Balm for Pets: What You Should Know

Whether it’s CBD balm for cats or CBD balm for dogs, keep in mind that the FDA hasn’t ruled on the use of topical CBD for pets, so take any company making outlandish claims with a grain of salt. At the same time, it’s a fact that many CBD customers apply cannabidiol-enriched balms and lotions to their pets in the hopes that their furry friends will experience relief from their symptoms.

For many pets, it’s obvious that CBD topicals aren’t the solution. Cats and dogs with thick, lustrous fur don’t have enough exposed skin to make CBD topicals for pets worthwhile, but pets with short hair or no hair at all are ideal candidates for CBD topical application. You can also apply CBD topicals directly to your pet’s skin if your cat or dog suffers from heat rashes or other conditions that cause balding.

As you select the right CBD balm for your dog or cat, remember that oil-based CBD topicals work differently than water-based CBD topicals. Oil-based topicals don’t absorb into your skin very well, but they do provide a comforting layer of oil on your pet’s skin. Water-based topicals, however, absorb quickly, and they deliver active ingredients directly into your bloodstream via transdermal absorption.

If you only want to apply CBD at the site of application, an oil-based CBD topical might be your best bet. If you want to provide system-wide effects, however, you might want to choose a water-based CBD topical for pets instead.

CBDfx for Pets: How Much CBD Should I Use?


When you’ve just started giving CBD to your pets, determining the right dose of CBD to use can be hard. Remember that every pet is different, which means there’s no ideal dose of CBD for every cat and dog. Also, the FDA hasn’t ruled on the benefits of CBD for pets, which means that it’s impossible for us to prescribe a specific dose of CBD for your canine or feline companion. What we can do, however, is give you some general information on CBD doses for cats and dogs that will help you find the perfect dosage for your furry friend.

1. How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

When you think about it, it’s pretty weird that all dog breeds share a common ancestor in wolves. Some dogs are quite a bit bigger than cats and other pets, but others are so tiny that you wonder if they’re really dogs at all.

With so many different dog sizes and breeds out there, it can be hard to find the right CBD dosage for your canine friend. Here at CBDfx, we offer three different pet CBD tincture options to help you find the perfect dose. While you might want to stick with our 150mg option for your teacup poodle, your neighbor with the Newfoundland might go straight for the CBDfx Pet CBD Oil 600mg.

2. How Much CBD Should I Give My Cat?

Although CBDfx cannot make any dosage recommendations, you should keep in mind that just like dogs, cats also have endocannabinoid systems that produce natural cannabinoids. Therefore, it’s natural if you want to give your cat CBD, and keep your cat’s age, size, and metabolism in mind as you find the perfect CBD dose for your feline companion.

3. How Much CBD Should I Give Other Pets?

Some research suggests that almost all animals have endocannabinoid systems. Even if you have a lizard, a snake, or a bird for a pet, therefore, you might want to try giving your animal companion CBD. If you have any questions about how much CBD you should give your pet, you should consult with your veterinarian.

How to Learn More About CBD for Cats Benefits

When you’re considering giving CBD to your feline friend, it’s understandable that you’d want to learn as much about this substance as possible. There’s a lot you can learn simply by browsing product descriptions and checking out customer reviews for pet CBD products, and you might want to gather information in other ways as well.

Keep in mind that there’s a growing body of research into the benefits of CBD oil for cats. While it’s no stretch to say that research into cats and CBD is still in its infancy, it’s still worthwhile to check out some of the studies on CBD for pets that are available to broaden your awareness of this cannabinoid and its potential applications.

At the same time, there’s no better way to understand the benefits of CBD for cats than giving CBD to your very own feline. With the tips and tricks we’ve covered in this guide, you’ll have no trouble giving your cat CBD, and remember that we’re always standing by to answer questions about our products. After you’ve determined firsthand whether CBD is beneficial for cats, make sure to share your experience with a detailed product review.

Top Reasons to Use CBD for Pets: The Definitive CBDfx Guide

How to Learn More About CBD Oil for Dogs Benefits

Millions of people around the world have given CBD to their dogs, and it’s easy to find customer testimonials that provide unique anecdotal opinions on the benefits of CBD for dogs. As you take a look at the customer reviews that are out there, pay special attention to the types of dogs mentioned and the different doses that were used. Keeping track of this information will help you out as you determine the perfect CBD dose for your canine.

The FDA has not ruled on the validity of CBD as a health-promoting substance for pet consumption, but it is true that a wide body of research has already been conducted to get to the bottom of the potential benefits of CBD for dogs and other pets. While our two species are radically different in many ways, humans and dogs aren’t as unalike as it seems, and it’s possible that findings in human CBD studies may also hold true for Fido.

Getting a dropperful of tincture down a big dog’s throat is no easy task, but with the canine CBD administration methods we’ve covered in this guide, we’re sure you two will muddle through somehow. As more and more people look into the benefits of giving CBD to dogs, your voice is becoming increasingly important. After you’ve nailed down the perfect way to give CBD to your dog every day, leave a detailed customer review or take to social media to share your experience with the hashtag #CBDfx.

CBDfx CBD for Pets: The Bottom Line

There’s a lot we still have to learn about the benefits of CBD for pets, but that hasn’t stopped countless pet owners around the world from giving CBD to their cats and dogs. When multiple conventional treatments have failed them, pet owners become desperate to try anything that works, and many owners have begun using CBD without waiting for a consensus to come down from government agencies.

With so many ways to give CBD to your pets, don’t despair if your first attempts don’t bear fruit. It’s hard to when you want to give your pet the best lifestyle possible, since there’s a significant communication barrier — but the love between pet and owner always overcomes all odds. As long as you genuinely want to help your pet feel their best, you’ll work with your trusted veterinarian to eventually come across a solution that works for you — and here at CBDfx, we’re standing by to assist you in the process of optimizing CBD for your pet’s lifestyle.

If you think you’ve found the perfect way to give CBD to your pets, or you’re sure you’ve found the perfect dose of CBD for your cat or dog, feel free to share. CBD for pets has only reached its current level of popularity due to the massive groundswell of public support this cannabinoid has enjoyed, and we’re counting on you to help spread the word and share your knowledge of CBD with other pet owners in situations similar to yours. As always, count on CBDfx as your resource in your quest to use CBD to its fullest potential, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your unique perspectives and pressing questions.


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