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Reprinted with sort permission of Elixinol

by Dr. Philip Blair, MD

Despite the fact that contemporary healthcare science has come a lengthy way more than the previous numerous decades, there are nonetheless essential breakthroughs taking place every single day. Though scientists continue to analysis the different items that make us tick, there is nonetheless so a lot to understand even immediately after the initial healthcare discovery.

1 of the most awesome discoveries in current years is the Endocannabinoid Method, or ECS, and how it serves as a master regulator in the human physique. We’re nonetheless researching the ECS, but we’re acquiring that the ECS has receptors all all through the physique and is accountable for regulating every little thing from our mood to our immune responses. Anandamide, one particular of the molecules developed by the ECS, plays such an essential function that it has picked up a nickname: the bliss molecule.

The ECS is classified as a homeostatic regulator, which suggests that it is partially accountable for assisting us to keep physical and emotional balance. This program, as a entire, operates to make certain that our cells, organs, and systems as a entire are functioning optimally. This suggests that when the ECS is not operating optimally, several other various processes in our bodies get started to execute poorly.

What Does Anandamide Do?

1 of the extra current finds regarding the ECS is the discovery of anandamide, a molecule that operates inside the ECS as an agent that assists regulate mood. It even assists to cut down discomfort in the course of the important post-exercise recovery period. Anandamide, as it turns out, is partially accountable for assisting folks to really feel joyous and delighted in a word, it assists us to really feel bliss.

Of course, this sadly suggests that a lack of anandamide, the bliss molecule, is accountable for a quantity of severe healthcare challenges. Analysis indicates that anandamide getting out of balance may possibly basically be accountable for a quantity of mental well being difficulties that several of us face. Anandamide has been shown to ease low mood-connected behaviors in rats, which share a remarkably related ECS to humans’.

Anandamide has been shown to:

  • Naturally market a sense of wellbeing
  • Present relief for short-term physical discomfort
  • Effect memory
  • Regulate appetite
  • Boost exercise recovery

Sounds Good, but Exactly where Does the Bliss Molecule Come From?

Anandamide is naturally developed on demand by your physique. Generating and interacting with anandamide to enable us really feel delighted and blissful is one particular of the several functions of the ECS. Anandamide also happens naturally in some foods, like chocolate and truffles.

This begs the query: if Anandamide is developed in the physique on demand, how can we possibly ever run brief?

The answer lies in the ECS. Anandamide is one particular of numerous endocannabinoids that your physique naturally produces to balance the functions that the ECS is accountable for. However, just like other bodily functions, in some cases the ECS is starving for the nutrients it generally produces, naturally.

The ECS seeks to keep homeostasis, and difficulties take place when it is not in a position to make sufficient endocannabinoids to effectively regulate all of its functions. Luckily, CBD is in a position to help the ECS by introducing all-natural botanical cannabinoids.

Botanical cannabinoids like CBD are so related to the endocannabinoids that they can enable complement the Anandamide that your physique naturally produces. Numerous customers report feeling extra like themselves immediately after complementing their personal ECS with CBD.

This is mainly because CBD assists to restore balance to your physique and your ECS. Supporting your endocannabinoid program with botanical cannabinoids naturally assists to enhance how a lot of the bliss molecule that your physique is creating. In a person that has an anandamide deficiency, it is apparent how working with CBD to present a all-natural enhance to the ECS can enable.

If you have not been feeling like your self, it is completely probable that you are suffering from low anandamide levels. Take into account attempting CBD to enhance your ECS-and how a lot of the bliss molecule that you are naturally generating.


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