Hemp Laws Causing Much less Folks to be Arrested for Marijuana



As hemp laws are enacted in a variety of states about the nation, lots of of you might have heard of a “problem” cropping up in areas like Texas and Florida. Lots of prosecutors in Texas have stopped pursuing marijuana circumstances simply because of the expense involved in figuring out no matter if the plant matter in query is hemp (legal) or marijuana (illegal). A comparable predicament has arisen in Florida as lots of in law enforcement merely have no way of realizing out on the road – or even in a lab – no matter if one thing is hemp or marijuana, so some are becoming told not to make any cannabis arrests at all.

To be fair, a confusing predicament is no entertaining to function in. Confusion leads to unnecessary challenges and these ought to be avoided in common as you navigate life. On the other hand, enable me to pull out my pretty tiny violin and play a song of lamentation for the reality that much less individuals are becoming arrested for marijuana.

This short article from The Texas Tribune is pretty extended and pretty focused on how all of these “problems” could have been avoided if lawmakers would have just listened to all the prophets sounding the alarm. Now police and prosecutors have to inform the distinction involving hemp and marijuana and considering that the funding for the lab gear required wasn’t earmarked properly, then…what? Much less individuals finish up acquiring charged with marijuana offenses. I guess that is a “problem” if you seriously take pleasure in individuals becoming arrested for marijuana, but it is not seriously a difficulty for the rest of us.

A bit of the way down in the Tribune short article, we come across this gem:

The fiscal note attached to the bill did include things like nonspecific predictions of possible earnings from regulating hemp. The board spokesperson also noted that DPS crime lab solutions got a $50 million increase this legislative session. These funds, to cover the subsequent two years, had been provided to raise crime lab capacity general by hiring additional than 100 new positions and, notably, prioritize the testing of backlogged rape kits.

None of the extra $50 million was earmarked particularly for marijuana testing.

“Backlogged rape kits.” Am I missing one thing right here? Shouldn’t Each and every SINGLE RAPE KIT be analyzed just before any cash is spent differentiating no matter if some plant matter has “too much” THC in it? No cash “was earmarked particularly for marijuana testing?” Excellent! Why ought to any plants be tested even though there are rape kits going untested? One particular requires the generally very violent violation of a human becoming. The other is about a plant.

No to be also condescending, but I assume prosecutors and law enforcement in areas like Texas and Florida will survive this trial and/or tribulation. And hey, if it is seriously such a major deal, just legalize adult-use marijuana. Dilemma solved.


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