Cannabis Charge Weaponized in Los Angeles ICE Raid


PHOTO U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

An ICE raid in Echo Park sparked nearby outrage, with a longtime resident (and pregnant mother of two) detained for deportation “justified” by a cannabis conviction from several years ago.

The Central Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park is in shock following a July 21 raid by Immigration &amp Customs Enforcement in which a nearby lady was arrested, more than the protests of nearby residents who demanded to see a warrant. Footage of the short confrontation has gone viral on the internet.

The incident started when neighbors responded as ICE agents attempted to hustle a nearby lady into an unmarked vehicle. The video shows neighbor Alicia Rivera repeatedly demanding that the agents show her a “signed order” from a judge. The agents apparently flashed some paperwork, but Rivera is repeatedly heard saying, “It’s not signed by a judge, you shouldn’t be arresting this lady.”

“They closed their folder, and they asked me not to intervene and I mentioned, ‘I’m a neighbor and I want to see if you have an order from a judge, you can not arrest this lady devoid of it,&#8217” Rivera recounted to CBS Los Angeles.

Rivera, a neighborhood organizer familiar with the law, claims each that the paperwork the agents had was not signed and was not on Los Angeles Superior Court letterhead.

Rivera’s son, Victor Bowman-Rivera, was also on the scene. He told CBS Los Angeles: “You’re like ‘Whoa’…  Just like that in 5 minutes… they took her… Boom. Just like that, in unmarked vehicles and they inform you, ‘We do not have to show you something.’ They just leave a note, a quantity to get in touch with.”

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Published: July 31, 2019

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