Tech-Giant Expedia Chokes Essential Access Point to Hempfest


CANNABIS CULTURE – “The Seattle HEMPFEST® is taking spot this year but with an intense burden that will be disruptive to waterfront organizations and locals in the location. Hempfest has produced excellent faith efforts to negotiate options, but even the most modest accommodation has been rejected by Expedia and the Port of Seattle,” says Seattle HEMPFEST director, Vivian McPeak.

“Forty-5 days just before the occasion, Expedia informed us through the Port of Seattle that they are not permitting HEMPFEST access to the road it has utilised for 25 years to bring provide cars, vendors, and employees into the back of the occasion. Expedia is blocking access simply because they say HEMPFEST will interfere with their building and employee automobile visitors for a couple of days,” he continues.

“First Expedia took away all of HEMPFEST’s parking, now they are declining access for its production. This final-minute denial is costing Seattle HEMPFEST thousands of dollars in further costs and is producing a logistical nightmare most likely to lead to unnecessary visitors snarls on a key arterial along and close to the central waterfront.”

More than 100,000 attendees are anticipated at the August 16, 17, 18 Seattle Particular Occasion, now in its 28th year, and the 25th year at its present venue, Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks. Expedia’s denial of access may well jeopardize the future of this historic occasion.

“Expedia bought the former Amgen facility that is adjacent to Centennial Park and is undergoing a enormous improvement project. Seattle residents have been severely impacted by the current relocation to the city by giant tech corporations, threatening the city’s culture, history, and historic buildings as gentrification and congestion runs rampant across the city,” says McPeak. “Expedia is apparently prepared to finish HEMPFEST rather than endure a couple of days of short-term inconvenience.”

At Expedia’s bidding, the Port of Seattle, which concerns a permit for HEMPFEST to use Centennial Park, is only granting Hempfest use of the north service road Alaska Way West involving the hours of 7 PM and four AM ―impossible hours to load occasion gear such as staging, fencing, scaffolding, transportable toilets, tent canopies, and wash stations in and out of the venue. Even the most meager requests, such as a couple of band parking spots, have been ignored by Expedia. Organizers think Expedia is operating to finish the globe-renowned absolutely free speech occasion.

Hempfest supporters have made a boycott petition:


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