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Straight Fire disposable oil pens are 1 of the most fascinating THC oil pens we’ve come across. Due to the truth that there is no background or know-how to them, there is no clue as to how genuine the firm in fact is or irrespective of whether the firm even exists. But surprisingly, the oil excellent is terrific along with the taste. Right here we give our thoughts on the Straight Fire dab pen.


  • Awesome taste
  • Powerful oil excellent


  • No background facts on the firm itself

Suggestions: Present some information on the firm itself and genuine lab outcomes.

straight fire
With a good and distinctive style, this pen does give good and light hits.

These sleek dab pens come in a good and smooth style. They are sturdy pens containing complete gram of distillate. Even though it does give smooth hits, they are somewhat light. But that does not imply that it didn’t give potent and sturdy hits. It does not say what wattage it is at, but if it can heat up faster and a tiny stronger, it’d hit superior. Also, a neat function it has it the pen can charge with an Android charger. To find, it is in the bottom of the pen, just unscrew the logo and you will obtain it.

As opposed to most dab pens, Straight Fire enables you to charge the battery so you can get the most out of your dab pen.

This disposable oil pen provides a sturdy and lasting higher

Unpacking this pen, I wasn’t positive what to count on from it. The oil appears good and does have a sturdy gold colour. Immediately after taking a handful of hits, I loved how fast the higher kicked in. This pen feels smooth when you very first hit it, but it did make me get started coughing even though exhaling. The strain I picked up is a sativa and it does give an uplifting however mellow higher. With only a handful of hits, it got me feeling excellent.

Straight fire dab pen gives excellent and thick oil

Some thing I liked a lot about this pen is the excellent of the oil. It is fairly dense, not light at all. It says to be about 93% THC, but with no lab outcomes we cannot be positive how correct that is. Either way, it did really feel sturdy even though hitting it, each and every large hit would usually get me coughing.

The flavor has a good and smooth taste

Aside from the oil, Straight Fire Mojito has an astounding and smooth taste. Tasting a lot like an actual mojito, this pen provides a good lime flavor.  Not harsh on the throat at all and does not leave any poor taste what so ever. Also, it does not taste artificial what so ever.

Really effective, but does give light hits

The oil from this dab pen is relatively effective and provides even hits. It did final me a handful of days, excellent point that the oil is so potent I only necessary a handful of hits to get higher. But the only point I didn’t like about this pen is that it provides light hits. Possibly if it has extra watts to it, but it does not give thick smoke at all.

General, Straight Fire would be worth the attempt if they have extra background

To sum up, I personally like these Straight Fire dab pens a lot. From the oil excellent and the higher to the taste. The only point with these pens is that there nevertheless is no facts to be discovered on the firm. For that reason, I cannot completely suggest these pens to absolutely everyone if I cannot be positive what’s precisely in the and if they’re protected to smoke.

With that getting stated, we are not positive if this is just a little firm or a street brand promoting by means of the black market place. It would be superior and safer if they have proof that they’re an genuine firm and some lab outcomes. Otherwise, we suggest you vape at your personal danger.

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Straight Fire Dab Pen

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