Lemon Meringue: Why Colorado Tokers Really like This Strain


Meringue, you fluffy bastard. Usually about to dupe me. I enjoy creamy desserts, sweet flavors and adding egg whites to just about something. So why cannot I get down with you? (TMI answer: Becoming reminded of my limitations is depressing, but that is greater left for the leather couch.) Even when I had a younger stomach and tastebuds, meringue was as well considerably. Also light and sugary on major of my pie, as well really hard and acidic in cookie kind. Contact me myopic, but I’m far more of a cheesecake guy.

Nevertheless, I will not stick my nose up at a cannabis strain named Meringue. Right after all, I enjoy creamy desserts, sweet flavors, adding egg whites to just about something…and weed.

Lemon Meringue is the kid of Cookies and Cream and Lemon Skunk, a cross of new and old daytime strains. The hybrid is nevertheless developing its reputation in dispensaries about the nation, but it is gaining a following in Colorado and is currently common in California — in all probability due to the fact it is held on to quite a few of the traits that make its parents so common. Recognized for a vigorous uplift and dessert-like flavors, Lemon Meringue is somehow in a position to taste sinfully sweet when also assisting customers burn calories. That is fantastic for at least 1 win more than Important Lime, a sedating phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies named immediately after lemon meringue pie’s greater-tasting rival, Important lime pie.

In contrast to its namesake, Lemon Meringue does not get as well acidic or soft for two causes: 1, it is weed, and two, the smoke carries funky notes of skunk and wet air in the morning, balancing out that creamy sweetness. The strain’s higher is incredibly motivational and keeps me comparatively focused, permitting me to burn by means of function at property with sufficient power for a exercise afterward. Secure to say I like this version of Lemon Meringue far more than the bakery’s.

I’ve spotted Lemon Meringue at Bgood, Lightshade, Mile Higher Green Cross, Standing Akimbo and the Green Remedy, when wholesale growers and extractors also stock dispensaries with the strain. My favorites so far hail from Bgood and Standing Akimbo, and they pair properly with coffee and a blunt wrap in the morning.

Appears: A clear sativa, Lemon Meringue sports buds that practically normally develop vibrant-green and fluffy, with an above-typical quantity of orange pistils. The strain’s oblong-shaped buds can get each round and extended, but the plant itself is generally tall.

Smell: Like the dessert shelf in your grandma’s fridge, but with weed in it. Sweet and sour smells of lemon, along with nutty, creamy cashew could possibly make you overlook that you are smelling cannabis, but dank hints of grass, soil and skunk on the back finish promptly remind you what it is.

Flavor: The strain’s Cookies background guarantees nutty, doughy flavors with a creamy twist, but Lemon Skunk’s heavy citrus influence and earthy, skunky flavors will not be ignored. The outcome is a lush, dank and creamy flavor covered in lemon.

Effects: Lemon Meringue’s head higher can appear incredibly intense initially, but calms down promptly when you obtain a thing to concentrate on for a handful of minutes. Even though that power is finest made use of for physical activity, the visual elements and concentrate can also be fitting for a enjoyable film or thrilling study. The finest portion? The comedown is minimal, leaving you comparatively unzomibified.

Household grower’s take: “You’ll in all probability require to obtain Lemon Meringue as a clone, due to the fact I do not assume feminized seeds of this had been ever produced accessible. If they had been, it is been incredibly lately, and fantastic luck obtaining them. Grows sativa, for confident: stretches about halfway by means of and produces these lime-green buds that are softer than a blanket. I’ve heard of the effects leaning indica often, although. Either way, it can push out a decent yield in eight or nine weeks if you major out the ideal quantity. These leaves can get in the way on the bottom nugs.”

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