Legal Marijuana Breaks into the Mainstream, but Not All Areas Are Receptive



It is clear by now that we have come a lengthy way considering the fact that the days of Reefer Madness and its misguided War on Drugs.  But even when it was illegal, marijuana had a big underground counterculture.

But with marijuana totally legal in 11 states and nationwide in Canada, UPI points out how that counterculture has gone from becoming “counter” to just plain culture.

However, not every single neighborhood is receptive to the movement, even if the drug is no longer banned in any kind. Nonetheless, in regions of wide acceptance, marijuana has entrenched itself into well-liked culture, with open events gathering thousands – if not tens of thousands – of attendees.

Needless to say, there has been a big paradigm shift beyond just permitting individuals to obtain and possess recreational marijuana.


California at the Centre of Mainstream Cannabis Culture


Provided that California enacted the 1st significant marijuana overhaul with its health-related legalization in 1996, it only tends to make sense for that state to host some of the most significant cannabis culture events.

With correct permits, marijuana retailers can openly promote and sell their merchandise in the course of festivals and other events. UPI explains:


“Legalized marijuana is pushing into the mainstream this year at public music festivals and expos, exactly where cannabis corporations are visible occasion sponsors. Longtime “counterculture” public events are becoming overshadowed by splashy reside cannabis displays and events such as “stoned yoga” and even cannabis wedding expos.”


This came about thanks to a current selection by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Manage, who authorized 16 permits so far. Initially restricted to county fairgrounds, eligible areas have considering the fact that expanded.

In addition to sales, attendees can also openly consume marijuana merchandise at the events.


Tremendous Possible


New events can pop up at any time, but lengthy-established ones are exactly where the genuine possibilities lie for retailers. One particular noteworthy instance is in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Identified as the Outdoors Lands Festival, this even brings about 210,000 individuals every single year.

What tends to make this year specifically unique is that, like with other events, cannabis sales and consumption will be permitted. Provided the quantity of individuals who attend, it is not unreasonable to assume that marijuana sales could be worth seven figures.

In other instances, marijuana corporations are inserting themselves into mainstream events, like comedy clubs and music festivals.



Sadly, not almost everything is going smoothly for cannabis events. In some instances, politicians – as is their standard style – impose their beliefs on the basic public. For instance:


“In Canada, exactly where marijuana has been legalized across the nation, the city council of Vaughan, Ontario voted in July against outside smoking, delivering a fatal blow to the ‘Journey’ cannabis-themed music festival planned for the finish of August at Boyd Conservation Park, north of Toronto.”


California ran into comparable complications. For instance, the Victorville City Council rejected a reside-consumption permit request for the Chalice music festival.

Even though an unfortunate setback for aspiring attendees (not to mention a big missed chance for income), it is very probably that political resistance will phase itself out in the close to future.


WeedAdvisor’s Involvement in Cannabis Culture


Extended just before legalization, WeedAdvisor usually advocated for marijuana reform. Now that it is legal in Canada and some U.S. states, along with medicinal reforms in South America, we have lots of possibilities to dive into this cultural phenomenon extra openly than ever.

As a outcome, we can now give an array of helpful business enterprise options for retailers, be they at festivals or in their shop areas. These include things like solutions in e-commerce, inventory tracking, POS and reward applications, to name a handful of.


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