How to Hold Weed Fresh


Each and every cannabis customer knows the significance of maintaining weed fresh. Other than preserving the bud, effectively-preserved weed tastes greater and is extra potent. In the finish, this delivers a greater practical experience.

So, what does it take to preserve it fresh?

It is basic. You will have to have appropriate storage. And you also have to have to preserve it away from higher temperature and water. There are quite a few strategies of maintaining your bud fresh. We ready the following guide to support you preserve it fresh.

Retailer it correctly

One particular of the most significant considerations when storing weed is the container. It ought to be clean and straightforward to seal. Prior to you shop your bud, you ought to make positive that the container is dry as you do not want your weed to come into get in touch with with water or oxygen. When you have placed it inside, make positive you seal the container tightly.

But exactly where do you shop the containers?

Nicely, a cool dry spot is encouraged. Keep away from higher temperature as it could harm the weed. Cool temperatures are a no-go zone as moisture can penetrate the jars and make your weed mouldy.

The finest strategy is to preserve your buds in airtight containers and filling it to the brim to steer clear of possibilities of excess air creeping into the container. A dry cupboard is an excellent spot to shop your weed containers.

Decide on your container

Speaking of containers, it is significant to choose the finest 1 for preserving the freshness of weed. Nicely, there are quite a few possibilities on the industry and stash boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They also come at distinctive rates so you will be spoilt for selection when it comes to selecting the 1 that fits your requirements.

One particular of the finest containers for storing weed is a mason jar with a resealable lid, particularly 1 with a rubber lid. These preserve your weed fresh by maintaining out moisture and sir. In addition to, they are low-cost to obtain and you can have a quantity of them to preserve your stash.

Cannabis humidors are an additional option that you could possibly want to contemplate. These are wooden boxes made to preserve your stash at the appropriate temperatures and humidity. While they expense extra than mason jars, they are excellent for people today who are critical about maintaining their weed fresh. It is significant to note that tobacco humidors ought to be avoided as they are not made with cannabis in thoughts.

For big cannabis growers with lots of weed to stash, vacuum-sealed jars are the finest choice. With plastic, it is challenging to preserve out all the air from the bags, and this could degrade your stash. Having said that, vacuum bags suffice when there’s a lot of stashes that have to have to be preserved.

Hold weed fresh when you travel

No matter whether at house or on the road, you ought to generally preserve your weed fresh. A mason jar or a humidor is exceptional storage selections when at house, but are not excellent when you are travelling. Glass jars could nonetheless perform on the road, but they are really a hassle to travel with.

Luckily, there are tiny stash boxes produced of glass, wood or metal that can preserve your weed fresh as you travel. Very simple medicine bottles come in handy when travelling. They support preserve your stash fresh for a considerable quantity of time. You only have to have to preserve the bottles away from sturdy sunlight and you are superior to go.

Use humidity packs

These are tiny silicon packs with two-way humidity controls. The packs are made to preserve the freshness of weed for lengthy periods of time. One particular benefit of humidity packs is that they are low-cost to get and can be made use of alongside your jars and stash boxes as an further preservation measure. 54% and 62% of packs have been verified to be excellent for weed preservation.

Bovera packs are some of the most well known in the industry, but there are other brands like Integra Enhance that also do the job. But whichever brand you choose, they can make a lot of distinction when preserving your weed.

What to steer clear of

When it comes to preserving weed, there are a handful of items that you ought to steer clear of at all charges.

For starters, weed ought to be kept away from direct sunlight and higher temperatures. These have a tendency to speed up the approach of degradation really quickly.

Humidity is an additional aspect that you ought to steer clear of at all charges. If you are storing it in mason jars, generally make positive there’s no moisture in there ahead of stashing your weed. If you washed it ahead of storing your bud, make a point of cleaning it completely with a dry cloth.

Specific containers are to be avoided, as well. These consist of plastic bags as they degrade weed high quality, particularly when made use of for lengthy-term storage. This does not imply that plastic bags are to be entirely avoided. They make for superior storage medium for brief-term storage. For lengthy-term use, contemplate other individuals like these produced from glass and wood.


Figuring out how to preserve the freshness of weed is important. Particularly if you are seeking into acquiring big amounts for your consumption.

Now that weed is legal, you can go ahead and stock up in your residence devoid of worrying about freshness, as the above suggestions will support you preserve it fresh for a lengthy time.


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