Canopy Rivers Invests in Plant Genetics Innovator ZeaKal


Toronto, Ontario, and San Diego, California – Canopy Rivers Inc. (“Canopy Rivers”, the “Company”) (TSXV: RIV, OTC: CNPOF) and ZeaKal, Inc. (“ZeaKal”) are pleased to announce an investment and strategic collaboration among Canopy Rivers and ZeaKal, a California-primarily based plant science innovator with proprietary technologies that sustainably enhance photosynthesis, increase plant yield and boost nutritional profiles for a wide variety of agricultural crops. The investment from Canopy Rivers marks a different substantial corporate milestone this calendar year for ZeaKal, following the February announcement of its R&ampD collaboration with Corteva Agriscience (NYSE: CTVA), the not too long ago spun-out and NYSE-listed agricultural science division of DowDuPont.

ZeaKal’s proprietary technologies, PhotoSeed&#x2122&#xfe0f, increases a plant’s intrinsic photosynthetic capacity, which means that PhotoSeed&#x2122&#xfe0f plants can convert far more sunlight and carbon dioxide into power for development. This outcomes in substantial improvement in seed and grain yield, as properly as enhanced macronutrient profiles that drive an enhance in each oil and protein content material. For farmers, this suggests far better productivity and profit margins for shoppers, this suggests larger nutritional profiles and an environmentally friendly way to meet increasing international demand.  With multi-year field trials across diverse plant species in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, the initial industrial concentrate has been on big row crops. Following Canopy Rivers’ investment, ZeaKal intends to expand its system to contain cannabis and hemp.


“Our investment in ZeaKal, the fifth consecutive international transaction for Canopy Rivers, builds on our thesis of deciding on globally scalable and revolutionary processes, merchandise, and technologies from complementary industries, and applying them to the cannabis and hemp economy,” stated Mary Dimou, Director of Small business Improvement at Canopy Rivers. “Plant sciences is a largely overlooked but certainly essential segment of the cannabis and hemp worth chain, and we are looking for to address this gap with this investment. ZeaKal’s technologies has currently realized results across a quantity of crops for the duration of field trials, and these are crops that have been commercialized for decades. The application of this revolutionary technologies all through the Canopy Rivers portfolio and the cannabis and hemp market at substantial could be a game changer.”

Canopy Rivers believes that ZeaKal’s PhotoSeed&#x2122&#xfe0f technologies has the prospective to translate into substantial advantages for the cannabis and hemp market. Due to prohibition, the cultivation of cannabis and hemp has lacked the agricultural study and advancements that have drastically enhanced the cultivation of other crops. Canopy Rivers believes that applying ZeaKal’s PhotoSeed&#x2122&#xfe0f technologies to cannabis and hemp represents a substantial step forward – with improved crop yield, larger oil production, more develop cycles, and enriched cannabinoid output numbering amongst the prospective advantages of the technologies. Even though trials on cannabis and hemp have however to start, the constructive outcomes currently accomplished give Canopy Rivers self-confidence in ZeaKal’s seasoned group and its capacity to effectively optimize and adapt its technologies for expansion into this market.

“We are elated that Canopy Rivers, a cannabis and hemp market authority, has chosen ZeaKal as an agriculture companion,” stated Han Chen, Chief Executive Officer of ZeaKal. “Beyond the capital, it is additional validation that PhotoSeed&#x2122&#xfe0f is a subsequent-generation blockbuster trait that can be utilized across diverse industries. With its wealthy domain and technical knowledge, Canopy Rivers is supporting our entry into the cannabis and hemp markets with a technologies we anticipate to be transformative for the sector.”

As a outcome of its US$10,000,000 investment, Canopy Rivers owns about eight.7% of ZeaKal on a totally diluted basis and holds an observer seat on ZeaKal’s board of directors.

About Canopy Rivers:
Canopy Rivers is a exclusive investment and operating platform structured to pursue investment possibilities in the emerging international cannabis sector. Canopy Rivers operates collaboratively with Canopy Development Corporation (TSX: WEED, NYSE: CGC) to recognize strategic counterparties looking for economic and/or operating help. Canopy Rivers has created an investment ecosystem of complementary cannabis operating providers that represent several segments of the worth chain across the emerging cannabis sector. As the portfolio continues to create, constituents will be supplied with possibilities to perform with Canopy Development and collaborate amongst themselves, which Canopy Rivers believes will maximize worth for its shareholders and foster an atmosphere of innovation, synergy and worth creation for the complete ecosystem.

About ZeaKal:
ZeaKal is a plant science firm created from the incubation pipeline of Kapyon Ventures in partnership with AgResearch Ltd. The firm is focused on building, PhotoSeed&#x2122&#xfe0f, a subsequent-generation trait technologies that has been verified to enhance the photosynthetic capacity and yield of quite a few big crops.


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