Update From Paul Adams, Industrial Hemp Plan Manager at NCDA&CS


— Written By Keith Edmisten

Beneath is a letter sent out to all industrial hemp license holders sent out by the Industrial Hemp Plan Manager at the N.C. Division of Agriculture &amp Customer Solutions Division of Plant Industries, Paul Adams. We are posting it right here in case, for some explanation, you do not obtain the e mail or drop it.

Industrial Hemp License Holders,

As harvest season swiftly approaches we at the NCDA&ampCS would like to send out a couple of reminders:

  1. As of July 1, 2019, the expense of compliance tests has gone up to $61.
  1. As your plants initiate flowering you are legally obligated to alert us for sampling.
    1. Do NOT wait to let us know. Delays in alerting the NCDA&ampCS could outcome in delayed service occasions which could eventually outcome in higher test benefits, particularly through peak season.
    2. Please use the following site to request sampling: Sample Request
    3. If the photographs you are uploading into the aforementioned site are as well major you will either have to cut down the size of the files by cropping or you can use the Paint software program (on all PC’s) to cut down the all round size of the image. If you can’t make the on the web program operate send your sampling request to [email protected]

three. As of April 1, 2019, if your license is set to expire you will be provided the capability to “renew” your license for a 1 year period regardless of no matter whether you have a 1 or three-year license. You will spend the exact same charge as if you had a three-year license and had been “renewing”. This will save you time and revenue more than reapplying. There is no benefit to reapplying for a three-year license. If you do not get a renewal invoice inside 1 month of your expiration email [email protected]

four. Right here is an updated amendment type that you want to use every single time you make an amendment.

 New Industrial Hemp Amendment Kind

A. Please fill out each the 1st and second web page even if you are only adding varieties.

B. If you are adding greenhouse sq. ft. or acreage there will be a charge assessed of $two/acre or $two/1,000 greenhouse sq. ft. For charge calculation round UP to the nearest complete acre or even 1,000 sq. ft.

C. If you are adding a wide variety, MAKE THE AMENDMENT Ahead of YOU Buy. In order to effectively add a wide variety to your license you have to offer paperwork that shows one particular of the following:

i. The wide variety is certified by AOSCA or member organization (NC Crop Improvement Association as an instance): This is uncommon and is generally for grain/fiber and sourced from out of the nation

ii. The wide variety is non-certified: YOU Ought to offer the hemp license of the provider &amp a certificate of evaluation displaying it is inside the .three% THC threshold. North Carolina and quite a few other states account for THCA converting into delta-9 THC but other people do not so be mindful when acquiring new varieties.

five. If you are seeking to get a certificate of evaluation from the state for clones you are wishing to make and sell you want to make a minimum of eight-10 plants for testing. We will NOT test three plants for a COA.

six. If you have queries or want a lot more information and facts the following e mail addresses and internet sites will be valuable to you

a. Industrial Hemp Pilot Plan in North Carolina You can locate the guidelines, sample request type, amendment type, processor registration type, processor list, and other information and facts right here.

b. Industrial Hemp You can locate planting sources, the hemp connections web page, and hemp meetings and other information and facts right here.

c. [email protected]  You can e mail any queries, issues, amendments, or other hemp products to this e mail. It is monitored by five men and women that can assistance you.


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