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If you like sour candy, you are going to enjoy the strain recognized as ‘Sour Dubble.’ It appears as if it came straight out of a candy factory. Occasionally recognized as ‘Sour Dubs,’ it is a 60% sativa 40% indica strain, generating it a mainly sativa-dominant cannabis selection.

It was made by crossing the East Coast Sour Diesel strain with Sour Bubble. The intense flavor has been described as becoming like a sweet and sour candy with hints of fruit and bubblegum on the exhale. It is a distinctly smooth smoke with an aroma that is extremely pungent – even sporting a hint of diesel that intertwines with the bubble gum flavor for an ultra-distinctive knowledge.

Due to its capacity to make you laugh, really feel satisfied and enhance your mood, this strain is ideal for relaxing with buddies on a Friday evening. It can support you loosen up and concentrate, as properly as support to alleviate any physical and mental pains. It is also been utilized medically to support with situations like discomfort, pressure, depression, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

With its ultra-higher THC level of 26%, the Sour Dubble strain packs very a punch. It is candy scented and even appears like a sour candy you would uncover in a gas station, with its fluorescent neon green buds and compact orange hairs and amber trichomes. Plus, it has a good mixture of effects for each your thoughts and your physique which we believe you will genuinely take pleasure in.

What is the Sour Dubble Strain?

Sour Dubble is an extremely distinctive strain that is ideal for the candy lovers out there. It is a hybrid strain of East Coast Sour Diesel and the Sour Bubble strain. It is a sativa-dominant strain, becoming 60% sativa 40% indica, and the effects can be felt as such.

Sour Dubble produces intense but at the identical time calming effects. It produces a good mental higher which at some point turns into a physique higher and is super potent in terms of THC, consisting ordinarily amongst 24% to 26% THC. The Sour Dubble strain of weed can support with chronic fatigue to energize the physique and to also get rid of pressure.

This fruity and sweet strain is ideal for social events, as it will not leave you tired and also can support you loosen up and laugh and just have a terrific time. It can also be utilized medically for numerous situations such as depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, and significantly far more. A lot of men and women enjoy its capacity to make you talkative, satisfied, inventive, as properly as focused as well, so it is equally well-liked recreationally as it is medicinally.

It has a enjoyable-hunting look that is comparable to a piece of candy. It is vibrant neon green with orange hairs and amber trichomes, so it actually appears like it came from Willy Wonka’s factory.

If the effects are not sufficient for you, the sweet and Diesel-like distinctive flavor profile will be positive to knock you off your feet and have you falling for this treat of a strain. It has been touted as a sour bubble gum like candy that is sweet and fruity, but at the identical time diesel-like and pungent. Either way, you can be positive that the Sour Dubble will leave you with nothing at all significantly less than a initially-class knowledge that is each enjoyable, but relaxing.

Sour Dubble Strain: Aroma, Flavor and Look

Aroma: The aroma of the Sour Dubble marijuana strain in the raw has been described as extremely sweet, fruity, spicy, diesel-like and pungent.

Flavor:  The flavor of the sour double has been described as becoming like a sweet and sour bubble gum candy with hints of diesel underneath. It is extremely distinctive since it is so tangy and combines entirely opposite aromas into one particular strain. Other individuals have also noted that it has a slightly woody and herbal undertone.

Look:  The Sour Dubble strain appears like a piece of candy in all honesty. It is vibrant green with orange hairs and amber trichomes, which make it appear like it is straight out of a bag of candy. The plant produces extremely dense buds and has a brief and thick stature.

Sour Dubble Strain Develop Information

If you have been wanting to develop Sour Dubble on your personal, you are in luck – since it is a somewhat simple plant to handle and can be taken on with out a trouble for most newcomers. It is a fairly brief plant but is also extremely thick and bushy with its dense branches and stalks.

This cannabis strain is prone to mold and mildew, so moisture will will need to be watched. The humidity levels need to be extremely low with Sour Dubble as a outcome. The plant will also will need to be trimmed and thinned out usually since it can get extremely bushy and result in far more of a likelihood to mold. Due to its touchy nature with humidity and moisture, it is advised that you develop it indoors so that way you have superior manage more than this.

If you are increasing indoors, anticipate to begin seeing flowers about 7 to 9 weeks, with a yield of about 11 oz for each and every square meter of plant. The outside system can also be completed with Sour Dubble, but if you reside in a humid and hot region, it could be disastrous. Sour Dubble is anticipated to begin blooming about late September to mid-October. A harvest of about 12 ounces of bud can be anticipated.

The Sour Dubble plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but the ideal system is for positive indoors considering that you have superior manage of the humidity, which is such a critical element in the final outcomes of the plant. You can also invest in Sour Dubble strain seeds on the web considering that it is a fairly well-liked hybrid and is readily available on the industrial industry for the most aspect.

THC Content material – Highest Test

The Sour Dubble cannabis strain has a fairly higher THC content material consisting of about 24 to 26%. 26% has been the highest THC level determined from this strain, on the other hand.

CBD Content material – Highest Test

The CBD content material of the Sour Dubble strain is fairly low. It is only about 1%.

Health-related Rewards of the Sour Dubble Strain

Sour Dubble is a terrific strain for healthcare usage. It can not only support with your mood and wellbeing but can also deliver physical discomfort relief. This strain can support get rid of and wipe away pressure, anxiousness, and depression and bring about a satisfied and giggly higher, assisting you to overlook about all of life’s stressors. It can also support these suffering from PTSD as a outcome.

As for the physical effects of the Sour Dubble, they are as equally impressive as the mental. It can support to loosen up your muscle tissues and undo tension that you have incurred all through the week. It can also support with stomach upset and cramps and as a outcome can support with loss of appetite such as cancer individuals knowledge, or these suffering from anorexia. It can create a small bit of drowsiness, so it can be terrific if you could advantage from a refreshing cat nap, but it is not like sleeping help nor will it knock you out entirely. General, the Sour Dubble can support rejuvenate you, and bring you a sense of properly-becoming and freshness to your life.

Achievable Side Effects of the Sour Dubble Strain

As with all strains of cannabis there is some danger of side effects. The most popular side effects from the Sour Dubble strain are nothing at all significant and are ordinarily: Dry mouth (cottonmouth), dry eyes, and headache. The danger of these can also be mitigated by staying hydrated when smoking Sour Dubble. And the danger of headache is not that higher, but it is nonetheless some thing that men and women have reported experiencing when smoking this strain, be it a coincidence or not.

Final Thoughts on the Sour Dubble Strain

The Sour Dubble is a genuinely chill strain of weed in numerous various approaches: From its distinctive and thrilling scent and flavor that will take you back to your childhood blowing bubbles from bubble gum, to the relaxing and giggly higher that you will incur from smoking it.

A lot of men and women enjoy to loosen up with some Sour Dubble with buddies in the evening, as it is ideal for get-togethers exactly where you will need to be relaxed, social and in a happier state of thoughts. It can also support with numerous physical challenges such as chronic discomfort, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite. Due to its capacity to support with mood, numerous men and women suffering from depression can advantage from Sour Dubble.

So all round, if you are hunting for a strain that can support you to loosen up and really feel uplifted, as properly as get rid of chronic discomfort and loosen up your muscle tissues, you need to certainly think about attempting Sour Dubble. Your physique will significantly appreciate a couple of puffs of this treat. With its amazing sweet and sour bubble gum-like flavor, and the hints of diesel underneath, it is an absolute explosion on your taste buds that will leave you coming back for far more with each and every puff.


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