New Armourgenix CBD Pre-Exercise Sports Solution Line Launches by CBIO Brand Improvement


  • CBIO is launching a item line named Armourgenix&#x2122, targeting athletes and other active shoppers.
  • The items are presently accessible by going to

CBIO Brand Improvement, primarily based in Vancouver, has been operating to create a line of CBD items that are especially produced for men and women involved in sports. Now, the organization has released the initial of numerous other videos to market the new items from the Armourgenix&#x2122 Sport line.

The CEO of CBIO Brand Improvement, Lisa Small, explained that their item is the initial one particular that can give shoppers “micronutrients and CBD at the cellular level.” Small added that these items “help you execute at your most effective.” To do so, the Armourgenix Sport items function an ingredient that tends to make it probable for the physique to absorb more than 90% of CBD’s added benefits.

To completely clarify the items to the public, shoppers can watch the initial video of numerous to come. The other items will involve:

  • Armourgenix Sport Active for Males
  • Armourgenix Active for Ladies
  • Armourgenix Sport Pre-Exercise Formula

All 3 items involve 600mg of CBD. The Men’s formula is to assistance with power, muscle development, and stamina. The Women’s formula aids to enhance the concentration of estrogen in the physique, which increases muscle strength. The Pre-Exercise is meant to be employed as an power booster, and show be consumed ahead of a exercise.

The item line can be bought at Concerns can be sent to [email protected]


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