Information Analytics and The Future of Price tag Forecasting in the Hemp and Cannabis Business


As a business, has often had a enormous treasure trove of valuable information. In the previous, a lot of this information was left to the wayside. Periodically, Kush has analyzed historical information and written posts explaining the ongoing trends. Forecasting for stakeholders has also turn out to be a staple of‘s content material.

As a founder, I’m super proud of our track record. Our group has been ideal on the spot with several of our forecasts. In contrast to conventional media outlets, Kush has the one of a kind capability to watch market trends at scale in various regions. These trends are becoming monitored more than a wide variety of solution categories as well.

For instance, when we predicted the shortage on the Washington raw material market place final January, we hit the nail on the head. Costs because that prediction on trim improved 300%. 

These forecasts are extremely critical for stakeholders. There are a couple of important components that effect the forecasts of a market place. These components contain every thing from recognizing whether or not it is a purchasers market place or a sellers market place to the present provide and demand. Will there be a shortage or surplus in the close to future? Only has the information to make an precise prediction.

With our new information evaluation platform, we let registered customers to access this information straight. Here’s our guide to analyzing the information, but we’d like to hear from you.

Do you consider we must take other components into account? What would you like to see on this information evaluation platform as we continue expanding it? Let us know by sharing this short article with your comments and tagging @KushDotCom!

How to Ascertain if it is a Purchasers Marketplace or Sellers Marketplace:

Take a appear at the graph beneath. This graph outlines the trend of Hemp Dried Flower Sales amongst the months of Could and July.

There are two factors to notice in this chart. Initially, the red line reflects the typical present value (Demand). The yellow line reflects listing value (Provide). The blue line represents present accept value (Provide Matching Demand).

Due to the fact is fluid, in the sense that it captures all of this information and a lot far more, we can present intentional information in addition to transactional information. This suggests we can see exactly where purchasers want value to be in addition to exactly where suppliers consider it must be.

What’s critical to take away is exactly where the present accept value is in relation to the typical listing and typical present value. If it is closer to typical present value, then it is normally a purchasers market place. If it is closer to listing value, then it is normally a sellers market place. 

This chart was a surprise to us, specifically when seeking at dried hemp flower in July. We know there is a relative shortage on the market place for high-quality flower which suggests rates must rise. That would be correct if demand outpaced provide. Regrettably as provide decreased demand also decreased. A couple of factors could be taking place right here.

Either purchasers moved to various solution categories simply because of the challenges related with obtaining high-quality flower, or the high-quality of the flower left on the market place wasn’t worth asking value to the demand side of the market place. Either way, this information clearly shows that there has been a shift in the provide chain ahead of any one else is conscious.

What Takes place When the Marketplace Inverts?

The chart above shows Cannabis Trim in Washington State. Anything strange is taking place right here exactly where Typical Present and Typical Present Accept Price tag outpace listing value in June. Initially this suggests there was a definite shortage on the market place.

One particular strange point about this chart is that Typical Present is more than Typical Present Accept value. At 1st glance that does not make any sense at all equivalent to the hemp flower chart at the prime of this post. Nonetheless, right after speaking with the group, we realized that June solution was beginning bidding wars on the platform. Several competing bids would be placed on the exact same solution and the highest value would win. Often a solution would even sell at complete value, then other purchasers would continue to bid up more than asking. This could have resulted in the present value becoming properly above the typical present accepted and listing rates.

As you can see in July, the market place normalized as far more inventory was coming on the net from the light dep market place. Costs continued to rise on the listing and present accept value, but the typical present value declined pretty a bit. This was due to solution becoming less complicated to locate compared to June.

The one particular constant line right here is the typical present accept value. It is been expanding steadily. This tends to make sense as the market place is going by way of a incredibly clear transition as light dep harvest have began to come down.

This is Just the Begin‘s information evaluation dashboard has been one particular of the most fascinating announcements we have produced! We know that with a couple of Machine Studying integrations we must be capable to predict and forecast the market place with improved accuracy as our information set continues to develop. We have the ideal group to do it, and we’ll be operating away at the HQ to make it take place. Really feel cost-free to let us know what you consider and share any trends and forecasts you see by tagging us on social media!

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