Former CIA Profiler Claims Most Packaged Cannabis Merchandise Are Fake


The Central Intelligence Agency, which is much more generally referred to as the CIA or basically, “the agency,” has a dark history of utilizing drugs to additional its agenda. We know the spooks ran a mind manage system back in the 1950s exactly where they fed prisoners and the mentally ill higher doses of LSD and watched them dance on the edge of a total breakdown. We also know that the CIA has had extensive involvement in the international drug trafficking trade.

But what most Americans may perhaps not be conscious of, according to a former CIA profiler turned cannabis market tech entrepreneur, is that the majority of the packaged cannabis solutions sold across the United States are counterfeits. 

There have usually been criminal organizations generating knock-offs of well-liked brands to be passed off to the customer as the actual point. Every thing from fake designer clothes to prescription drugs is distributed just about every year all across the globe.

And it is a cash-producing machine, also, this company of peddling fraudulent merchandise. A recent report from the Harvard Company Evaluation shows the dastardly art of promoting phony solutions is worth almost $four.five trillion.

Marijuana is no exception in this twisted sea of swindlers and cheats, particularly exactly where vapes are concerned. 

A story published earlier this year in Marijuana Company Magazine demonstrates how imitation cannabis solutions have develop into a huge difficulty for the legal marijuana neighborhood. It is not uncommon, the publication stated, to discover bogus versions of well-liked pot brands from King Pen, Brass Knuckles and Heavy Hitters. 

These frauds are normally distributed in regions of prohibition, but they are also turning up in states exactly where marijuana is legal. In reality, at the final MJBizCon in Las Vegas, final November, legit cannabis suppliers had been stated to have discovered counterfeits of their brands through the occasion. 

It is all aspect of the black industry drug trade’s souped up determination to get a piece of the multi-billion dollar action.

And it is a hazardous game that ought to quit, says Ashesh Shah, CEO and founder of Solo Sciences, a corporation that has created a “cryptographically-safe cannabis solution authentication program” intended to slow the flow of bogus pot solutions. He claims the difficulty with fake cannabis is much more prevalent than most people could think about. 

In a current press release, Shah stated that internal study shows in upwards of 80 % of all packaged cannabis solutions are black industry imposters. If this is precise, possibilities are everyone who has consumed cannabis vapes more than the previous handful of years has been duped at some point or yet another. 

Not only are the insane amounts of trickster tokes on the industry generating hardships for an market that is currently taking it on the chin due to complexities with the law, but it also creates security issues for their clients. Some of these men and women are receiving higher on mock solutions that may perhaps be as hazardous, if not much more, than “chewing on lead paint,” according to the Green Marketplace Report

These fraudulent solutions could be producing men and women sick and generating an elevated threat for really serious overall health difficulties.

“The globe of cannabis is murky, unpredictable, and normally not secure,” Shah stated. “As brands and governments are struggling to fight the illicit industry, we developed Solo to resolve that difficulty by generating transparency into what cannabis providers are really promoting to buyers. Solo is made to preserve men and women out of the dark when it comes to what they are consuming and placing into their bodies, so they really feel safe and knowledgeable about the solutions they are acquiring.”

So how does the Solo program function?

Properly, the safety application supplies cannabis brands with a distinctive digital fingerprint that confirms the legitimacy of a solution. This fingerprint, which can be applied to current packaging, can be deciphered utilizing only Solo technologies. But as opposed to other safety platforms like holograms or RFID tags, Solo is reportedly the only one particular of its sort that puts the energy of calling B.S. in the hands of the customer. With a fast scan of a solution, the purchaser can see no matter if they are receiving their hands on legit, high quality, regulated cannabis or a forgery. So far, 53 cannabis brands have teamed up with Solo Sciences on this safety measure. The corporation is set to ship about 9 million encoded cannabis solutions inside the subsequent two years.  


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