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Seattle HempFest in August 2006, a 1960s-style appreciate-in for all factors hemp and marijuana at a waterfront park close to downtown. Lots of people today, pipes and bongs, hemp-seed brownies, hemp clothes, music and the politics of marijuana legalization — mixed with sun and the occasional whiff of cannabis, in spite of the heavy police presence.

Marijuana is supposedly legal in Washington State, so why does Seattle Hempfest continue to get flack. This year, in addition to the terrific WSLCB advertisement debacle, there’s Expedia not permitting Hempfest to use an empty parking lot and access roads like it has been performing for more than 20 years.

Seattle Hempfest has been a pillar of the Seattle neighborhood and asset to society for more than 20 years and but Expedia, yes the shitty travel metasearch engine that consists of CarRentals.com, CheapTickets, Expedia.com, HomeAway, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago, Venere.com, and is worth more than six billion has decided it is not a buddy to cannabis.

Access and flow of website traffic are important to events like this, if this was Octoberfest would they be denied such access, most likely not. In truth, they’d most likely be a sponsor. I implore you to study core member Nightmare Alabama’s Move On petition and signed, please. And if Expedia’s PR people today are reading this, get your shit collectively and join us in the future right here in Seattle.

Move On Petition Hyperlink

Expedia Cease discriminating against Seattle Hempfest!

Expedia purchased the developing at the north finish of Centennial Park in Seattle a couple of years ago. Seattle Hempfest has been a beloved occasion in Seattle for 28 years now. Expedia is denying Hempfest access to the parking lot and roads at the North finish of the park this year. Expedia tends to make thousands of dollars every year from our occasion. Our speakers, volunteers, and attendees come from all more than the globe to go to Seattle Hempfest and quite a few of them book their flights, hotels, and rental vehicles by means of Expedia.

Hempfest has utilised the public access roads 16th Avenue West and Amgen Parkway for more than two decades. We load vendors and bands into the park in order to develop a north-to-south flow of website traffic so that vehicles and trucks do not have to turn about on the grass and result in destruction of the park. There are only a couple of locations in the park exactly where turning about a car is even feasible. We have terrific respect for becoming capable to use Centennial and Myrtle Edwards parks for this occasion and we function incredibly really hard to reduce prospective harm to our venue. Expedia has also asked the city to only let load-in hours among 7:00 pm- four:00 am. This tends to make our jobs impossibly challenging and causes undue anxiety for our vendors who have to load their wares in and out of the park every day.

As a volunteer, I am angered by the actions of Expedia to limit our access to the parks. Obtaining to restructure our complete load-in and out processes by means of the South entrance has been challenging. We are a seasoned crew that has worked collectively for quite a few years, and we have the routine down pat. Now we have to adjust it mainly because of Expedia. These alterations imply that various important people today in a couple of unique departments will have to be at the South finish when we have to have them in our respective departments.

There is completely no explanation that a organization who tends to make so a lot dollars from our occasion need to be causing harm to it. Please sign this petition and let the executives at Expedia know that this action is not acceptable, and they have to have to return access to the North finish of the parks through the complete occasion approach.

I am a volunteer that is straight negatively impacted by Expedia denying Seattle Hempfest the use of public access roads.

That is why I signed a petition to Jenny Durkan, Mayor of Seattle, Barry Diller, Chairman and Senior Executive, Mark Okerstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer, Alan Pickerill, Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Officer, Robert Dzielak, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, and Peter M. Kern, Vice Chairman, which says:

“Stop impeding access to the North finish of Centennial Park by denying the use of public access roads and parking lots necessary for vendors and bands to load-in to the 28th Annual Seattle Hempfest.” 


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