7 entertaining items to do although you happen to be higher


We invest a lot of time speaking about the overall health added benefits of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD). And without having a doubt, there are numerous therapeutic factors for taking this outstanding plant. But there is an additional objective for taking marijuana, and 1 that has been common for years, and has a wealthy history: recreational use. 

Several persons really like weed and the THC compounds inside it, just for the reason that it gets them higher. It is a freedom that millions of persons about the globe are now in a position to embrace thanks to legalization. The transform of consciousness that comes with obtaining ‘high’ can be a lot of entertaining. For a handful of hours, the user gets to practical experience an enhanced version of reality. And although obtaining stoned and trippy is not one thing to do all the time, utilized sparingly, marijuana can be a excellent treat to appreciate, each alone or with mates.

This post will cover seven items to do although you are higher, with specific concentrate on the following:

  • The joy of listening to music 
  • Watching a film or excellent Television series 
  • Consuming excellent food 
  • Playing intense video games with friends 
  • Relaxing and enjoying meaningful, deep conversations 

And, of course, we’ll speak about which variety of strain will support you to get the most out of every practical experience. 

Listen to music 

Placing your headphones on, zoning out and listening to some excellent tunes is a excellent way of maintaining your mood up and enjoying your self when stoned. There is truly a extended history of the psychoactive practical experience becoming utilized to improve music, dating back to the Ancient Sufis. Not to mention, music and weed had been a big portion of the hippie counterculture movement that swept the West in the 1960s. 

There is not a great deal scientific analysis to draw on when attempting to clarify why THC tends to make listening to music that a great deal much better. Quick-term memory tends to take a hit when ‘baked’, and think it or not, this is valuable when listening to music. You are not left focussing on what’s just gone, or what music may possibly be played subsequent. Cannabis does make it much easier to remain in the moment, so that you can give your undivided focus to a song – regardless of whether it is rap, hip-hop, pop or even one thing classical. It appears that the impact that marijuana has on sound perception are emotionally valuable. 

Listening to music can be seriously pleasurable in its personal appropriate. And in the appropriate setting, marijuana has specifically the identical uplifting impact. So we shouldn’t be shocked that when the two are combined, these excellent sensations are taken to an additional level completely.

The science behind listening to music although high  

Interestingly, some researchers think that the endocannabinoid program (ECS) may possibly have a part to play in why weed tends to make music sound much better. There is clearly one thing in the chemistry of cannabis that can spark creativity. When ‘high’, it is popular to get drawn into one thing and come to be temporarily obsessed – or shall we say ‘fixated’ – on it. In the case of cannabis and music, that could come about when listening to an awesome track. Additional on this idea, a study has shown that THC is implicated in visual and auditory processing. 

There’s a great deal extra to be found about the effects of listening to music following smoking a joint. For now, all we can say for positive is that it is fairly stunning and extraordinary. A hybrid strain may possibly be just appropriate for an extended music session. You will get a good cerebral impact, and some relaxation, as well, so you can space out and let the rest of the globe fall away, if only for a quick time. 

Watch a film or Television series 

Under no circumstances have we had so a great deal entertainment at our fingertips, with the likes of Hulu and Netflix providing us a big library of films and Television shows for a low price. Irrespective of whether it is an action film, a romantic film, a family members flick, or the sort of cartoon you may possibly have watched as a kid, it is all there just a couple of clicks away. And when you are baked, it is even much better. 

Considering that smoking a joint will get you higher for about 3 hours, this is best if you want to settle down and watch a excellent film. If you are with mates, then one thing funny that will have you laughing till your stomach hurts is likely what you are seeking for. Nevertheless, if you are on your personal, you could take the chance to watch one thing deeper that will get your thoughts considering. Cannabis can seriously support to open the thoughts, and if you are in will need of a fresh inventive drive, an artistic, effectively-crafted film could give your brain that new lease of life.

Then there are Television series, which are best if you want to settle in for a extended weed session. That box-set you will need to binge? Spark up a joint or chomp down an edible, and then settle down and let the show commence. You will likely want an indica if preparing to chill out on the sofa for a handful of hours.

Consume excellent meals

Cannabis heightens all of the sensations and that contains taste. So, what much better time to indulge in some of the finest meals that you can get your hands on. Weed smoking may possibly be related with pigging out on speedy meals, and unhealthy snacks. But it does not have to be that way, and with a bit of preparation beforehand, there’s no cause why you can not rustle up some scrumptious meals that do not just taste excellent, but are great for you, as well! 

If you do want to attempt this, then make positive that you have all the components you will need ahead of you smoke, and that you get all of the preparation and cooking carried out ahead of you light up. It is possibly not the finest notion to be messing about with ovens and hobs when you are stoned! But delivering you get all the things in the appropriate order, then when you do settle down to consume, it’ll taste even much better than it does generally! We recommend a sativa to seriously bring out the flavors in what ever it is you are consuming. 

Have deep conversations 

If you like to smoke with other individuals, then this can be a excellent time to have deep conversations. Possibly you like to get deep with a important other or your finest buddy. Meaningful and organic connections can be quite potent, and not to mention quite intriguing when speaking with open-minded persons. But exactly where does cannabis come into items?

THC sends the frontal cortex portion of the brain into overdrive, enabling for new neural pathways to be formed. This is what brings about all these uncommon and generally brilliant thoughts when you are higher. It also supercharges your train of believed and can send you off in some fairly bizarre mental directions. And when you are with a stoned mates, that is two brains levelling up for a quick time, producing excellent conversation a assure.

As sativas are renowned for enhancing creativity levels and possessing a desirable cerebral impact, strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Super Lemon Haze are just what you will need when you want a deep chat. 


Cannabis and psychedelics are in some cases referred to as a shortcut to enlightenment. Lengthy-time meditation practice is undoubtedly 1 way to get there, according to Buddhist teachings. But is there any way that meditation and marijuana use can be combined to make for a optimistic practical experience? Some recommend yes.

1 factor that no one doubts cannabis does is bring you into the present moment. This is certainly essential when you close your eyes and meditate. Research have located that meditation is valuable for overall health. It can also support to make a individual extra empathetic. Some also say the identical about cannabis and equivalent drugs, commenting that it aids to open the thoughts and introduce them to new perspectives.

Irrespective of whether weed is valuable for meditation likely depends on how you react to it. THC can make some persons extra anxious, which may possibly in turn make meditation anxiousness-inducing, as well, specifically if you are carrying out it in a group. Other folks, nonetheless, may possibly really feel extra relaxed with decrease inhibitions following taking some THC. If intending to attempt marijuana although meditating, a hybrid that marries the sedative effects of an indica and the cerebral properties of a sativa may possibly be just the ticket. A strain with some CBD could also operate effectively if weed is prone to triggering your anxiousness.  

Play video games 

Have mates that you really like to play video games with? Smoking some weed in the approach can support to intensify these gaming sessions and seriously make items significant. Perhaps you play Xbox or PS4, or possibly you favor the old-college Nintendo consoles. The excellent factor about playing games when you are higher is that a competitive edge can be added to fairly a great deal something.

Unless you and your mates are hardcore gamers and you know all the things about the game you are playing, it is finest to preserve items pretty straightforward. Mario games are best, as are other celebration games. Cannabis can also be excellent when playing games on your personal. And it is especially great for the complicated strategic games which move gradually and need your complete focus. Just be conscious that you could shed your self for hours in the likes of Civilization or Globe of Warcraft! Sativas are finest for playing video games. You will will need to be alert, and possibly come up with a inventive masterstroke to get the edge more than your opponents. 

Get out in nature 

Finding the set and setting appropriate when in the midst of a psychoactive practical experience is essential for feeling great. And what much better location to be than out in nature. Weed puts you appropriate in the moment and can make each tiny factor look so extremely intriguing. So spending time in a organic atmosphere can be the perfect time to appreciate this psychological state. There is generally so a great deal taking place that we may possibly miss in standard situations, when we do not have that intense concentrate. And watching all the weird and excellent items that may possibly come about can be lots of entertaining, as well.

If going outdoors, then you will will need to guarantee you do not come to be sleepy and fatigued. An energizing sativa-dominant strain will most likely have the finest effects. 

Final thoughts 

Eventually, you can do what ever you want when higher. It must be a time when you get to unwind and not be concerned about the hardships of life. With mates, weed can be lots of entertaining. On your personal, cannabis use is excellent for introspection. Experimenting with unique forms of trips can also be entertaining. But only do this as soon as you are extra familiar with how weed impacts you. Recall that marijuana is a psychoactive substance. This suggests it alters your perception of reality. Nevertheless you opt for to use cannabis, make positive that you remain secure and take precautions if required to stop a undesirable trip.


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