3 Republicans Stand in the Way of Federal Weed Legalization


There’s lastly bipartisan help for cannabis legislation — but unless it can get previous a smaller group of Republican senators, the bills will continue to fizzle

The Capitol Hill Club sits kiddy-corner from Cannon Residence Workplace constructing in downtown Washington, D.C. White table cloths and carved wooden elephants define the decor of this Hill hangout, which caters to mainly Republican lobbyists, staffers, and the occasional politician. But on a stifling day in June, a Democrat lobbyist came to lunch.

Saphira Galoob was there to speak about cannabis legalization with Republican lobbyist Don Murphy. More than sweet potato fries, Murphy — a former GOP state representative in Maryland who has been operating in marijuana policy for more than 15 years — and Galoob traded war stories about advocating for cannabis on Capitol Hill, exactly where, as Murphy explains, public opinion only goes so far.

Back in 2017, she mentioned, senators like Tom Cotton told her to her face that their states and voters didn’t care about cannabis. “There was a ripeness concern. There was no standing since it wasn’t however ripe, for members of Congress. And I assume that is exactly where the tide has turned.”

Now, more than 60 % of Americans nationwide are in favor of complete marijuana legalization. Eleven states and Washington, D.C. have legalized adult-use cannabis use, and 36 extra have some type of legal healthcare or recreational cannabis use.

That public help has translated into extra cannabis-associated legislation introduced into this congress than ever just before. The Protected Banking Act tends to make banking simpler, for instance. [Read more @ Rolling Stone]


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