Cannabis and Veganism
 by Simpa


There is an fascinating correlation involving the rise in Cannabis consumption in the common population and the rise of Veganism in current years. I believed, considering the fact that I am a proponent of each, that I’d take a appear and see what Vegans and Cannabis shoppers/advocates have in frequent.

There are ordinarily 4 factors to go vegan: for the animals, for the atmosphere, for your overall health, or all 3. So, if vegans want to see a greener, plant-primarily based globe then they’re going to want to take a severe appear at a single of the most studied, versatile and persecuted plants in our whole history.

Each subcultures share the similar outdated unfavorable stereotypes, stigma and warped public opinion. The mental image that is most generally conjured up when pondering about Cannabis and Vegan advocates/activists is a single that has been meticulously cultivated to be derogatory and depict them negatively in common media, motion pictures, and Television.  That of a lengthy-haired, bearded hipster in sandals, clad from head to toe in hemp. This antiquated imagining of neo-hippie-chic, middle-class busybodies exclaiming the virtues of their beliefs has been somewhat eroded in current decades as each ideologies have gone rather mainstream.

In current years cannabis law reform has taken spot in dozens of nations from the decriminalization of little private amounts (ordinarily much less than an ounce) to the total implementation of a national adult consumption markets as in Canada and Uruguay more than the previous handful of years. This has led to renewed calls from the Planet Wellness Organization, The European Union and the United Nations to reschedule Cannabis globally and push nations towards ending their draconian and antiquated war on a plant that is much less damaging than sugar.

Veganism has also enjoyed a resurgence in current years and to such a degree that most of the main meals producers have currently released or are functioning to release “vegan-ized” versions of their most common goods. From dairy-absolutely free cheese, milk and ice cream to animal-absolutely free hot dogs, burgers and even jelly sweets. Veganism has improved by 350% in the UK and 600% in the US more than the final decade and shows no indicators of slowing on either side of the Atlantic any time quickly.

Each supporters of cannabis and veganism are generally anecdotally connected with improved empathy and compassion. Cannabis, when consumed encourages metacognition and introspection. It provides the user the cognitive capacity to consider about the contents of their thoughts and query entrenched beliefs, core values and discovered behaviors. This drastically increases the consumer’s likelihood of exploring why it is they consume meat and dairy and how they can decrease the environmental harm, harm and suffering they perpetuate via their dietary and life style options.

As is by now rather clear to the vast majority of the population, the war on drugs has been an unmitigated disaster targeting some of the most vulnerable members of society and actively amplifying the discomfort and suffering felt by these unfortunate folk. So, despite the fact that vegans currently have an improved sense of empathy and compassion towards animals they could nonetheless advantage drastically from the consumption of cannabis which could support them superior empathize and determine with the circumstantial suffering of their fellow man in the similar way they do with factory farming, animal agriculture, and abuse.

Yet another equivalent belief and trait prevalent amongst each groups is their continued concern for the atmosphere. Climate modify has develop into the pressing situation of our day and each re-legalizing cannabis and going vegan could go a lengthy way to negating the majority of the harm triggered to the planet by toxic polluting industrial practices and gluttonous private desires and habits.

As international organizations such as the EU, WHO, and UN are now pushing their member states to do far extra to tackle climate modify and reduce the worldwide level of atmospheric carbon by as a lot as 45% by 2030. In the hope that this could stop permanent cataclysmic adjustments to our worldwide climate. A target that frankly handful of nations appear set to attain, particularly though continuing to use the similar regular technologies and antiquated methods that in fact triggered this mess in the very first spot.

A number of research have come out in the previous year to indicate that the single largest way to decrease your carbon footprint is to go vegan. Adopting a vegan life style HALVES the quantity of carbon that the typical person consumes everyday. Yet another way to drastically decrease the levels of atmospheric carbon is to re-legalize cannabis and to plant it totally everywhere.

Cannabis sequesters 325kg per ton when cultivated (I previously misquoted this in situation 139 as 125kg). If these organizations are severe about meeting their targets then they want to be rallying not just for the rescheduling of cannabis but also perform towards tackling the stigma they themselves helped make that continues to engulf this humble plant and push for it to be a cornerstone of climate modify policy. 

It is also accurate that if the Cannabis business went vegan it would drastically reduce down on toxic waste and pollution. We are seeing extra and extra big cannabis corporations get in legal difficulty for applying banned and hazardous pesticides, fertilizers, and chemical substances which are totally unsuitable in the cultivation of cannabis and are gravely destructive to the person and the atmosphere.

Cannabis, as you may well nicely know, is our oldest symbiotic plant species. There is proof that shows that humans have been using cannabis for at least the previous 27,000 years from every little thing from textiles to paper, medicines to industrial material.

Brazil is property to a single of the most bio-diverse forests on the planet, in the Amazon. So, it is rather unfortunate that it is also the world’s biggest exporter of beef. It is this worldwide demand that has noticed the accelerated expansion of pasture lands and logging of this most valuable resource. This coupled with the continued weakening of Brazilian laws defending the Amazon rainforest is accountable for 80% of the nation’s deforestation.

It is estimated that worldwide deforestation has currently released 120 billion tons of C0two into the atmosphere. In 2017, the UK imported £3.9 billion worth of paper goods that ought to have been cultivated domestically out of cannabis though sequestering atmospheric carbon and nutrifying and detoxifying our topsoil.

The other major lead to of worldwide deforestation is the production of wood pulp production. Cannabis – particularly precise sativa sort strains that we’ve selectively bred to have much less than the arbitrary percentage of THC (.two% UK .three% USA) – are best for paper production as 20% of the plant is fiber with up to 70% getting cellulose generating it a far superior supply of paper pulp than wood.

It requires on typical 20 years based on the species to develop trees for paper whereas Hemp can be grown in much less than 20 weeks. Cannabis also produces far extra cellulose which suggests that a hectare of cannabis can create 4 instances as a lot paper as wood in a fraction of the time.

Hemp paper, which till the finish of the 18th century accounted for about 80% of all paper, also lasts decades longer than wood pulp paper and can be recycled 7- eight instances. In comparison wood paper can only be recycled three-four instances. Hemp paper also calls for none of the toxic chemical substances applied to treat wood pulp.

The pulp and paper business is also now the third biggest industrial polluter accountable for pumping 220 million pounds of toxic pollution into our skies and seas every single year, such as more than three million tons of chlorine –  a main supply of the carcinogen dioxin, deemed to be a single of the most toxic substances that humans have ever created which can now be discovered in the breast milk of all females, possibly even all mammals.

Dioxin is fat soluble which means that it bioaccumulates in animals that some people today nonetheless consume in their diet regime – correctly functioning its way up the meals chain. Vegans do not consume animal goods so they steer clear of a lot of this exposure. A current Brazilian study discovered that as a lot as 90% of the dioxins the typical North American will be exposed to comes from dairy, meat, and eggs – with some 23% coming from dairy alone.

These hugely carcinogenic chemical substances are also prevalent in petroleum-primarily based plastics.  This is why it is advised that you do not drink water from a bottle that has either been frozen or left to heat up. This similar mechanism is accurate of our processed meals packaging which is predominantly petroleum-primarily based plastic which leech dioxins and other cancerous and endocrine disrupting chemical substances such as BPA and BPZ into our meals, water, and bodies.

If you consume meat or dairy in the UK then you will have a a lot greater exposure price to these hazardous chemical substances as the UK has integrated a limit of .15% of plastics from meals waste to be applied to feed cattle and other animal agriculture as element of its recycling technique. In contrast to the rest of the EU that sets the limit at zero %.

Our western diet regime of rapid meals and our common disregard for our overall health has meant that our omega ratio is massively unbalanced. The best ratio of omega six – three is four:1. This deficit is most generally negated by taking omega three supplements such as Cod liver oil capsules, nevertheless, these are unsuitable for vegans as they’re an animal bi-item.

Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, includes a practically best all-natural omega ratio of three:1 without the need of any of the added cholesterol or want to kill something. It is also a total protein supply containing all 11 non-necessary and 9 necessary amino acids and aids to help immune method response and functionality, generating it the best item for overall health-conscious vegans to support balance their omega intake.

The ubiquitous relegalization of cannabis and its subsequent reintroduction to the meals chain as a base nutrient,

prophylactic and very first line medicine could negate the want for a excellent deal of modern day pharmaceutical drugs.

Most modern day pharmaceuticals and vitamins are big organic molecules constructed by beginning with a base of little organic molecules created from refined crude oil into polycyclic hydrocarbons and constructing it up with other organic molecules connected in specific approaches to create the preferred substance.

I am no chemist but I am conscious that you can derive these similar constructing blocks from cannabis, potentially which means that the pharmaceuticals of the future could not only include cannabinoids and cannabis-derived terpenes as nicely as actually getting constructed on cannabis polycyclic hydrocarbon structures.

The vast majority of these pharmaceutical drugs and medicines have had to go via in depth, invasive and immoral animal testing at a single stage or an additional. Whereas cannabis as a holistic plant medicine can be cultivated, extracted and consumed at property without the need of the want for cruel clinical trials and analysis experiments performed on non-human primates and other innocent animals.

Using cannabis-primarily based graphene as a supercapacitor to retailer power created from renewable sources would also drastically decrease the demand for crude oil required to be extracted and converted into petroleum to fuel the modern day globe.

In the end, I really feel the convergence of these two ideologies will not only continue but also accelerate in the coming years and decades. As climate modify continues to take center stage in this human drama it will force a lot extra of an emphasis on option options, revolutionary technologies, and modalities.

So, now that I’ve convinced all the vegans to consume and help cannabis, how can you guarantee that the cannabis you are consuming is vegan?  3 tiny words…Grow Your Personal.


By Simpa
Image – chuck herrera


Initially published in Weed Planet Magazine situation 140


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