Just before implementing dependable inventory management software program at his dispensary, Elijah Land, common manager of Pueblo West, Colorado-primarily based Nature’s Present Shop, spent hours each and every evening developing out makeshift inventory logs in Google Sheets. Now, soon after locating the proper software program for the business enterprise, Land has shaved hours off his function week and enhanced the store’s general inventory management processes.

When Land started managing the shop roughly a year and a half ago, he didn’t trust the dispensary’s point-of-sale (POS) program to properly track inventory.

“Every evening my employees would have to do a count via Google Sheets,” he tells Cannabis Dispensary. “They’d have to go in and count edibles, concentrates [and] flower, all via distinctive web pages, and submit these to my spreadsheet. I’d have to go into Metrc, [the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system], examine that, and then examine it to my point-of-sale program. It was taking me hours at evening. I’d have my laptop or computer set up at property. I would keep up till about three in the morning, just functioning on inventory and attempting to make positive every little thing was compliant with the state, which was a large headache for me. It was not a excellent program.”

The old POS program had only simple capabilities to track the store’s inventory, and Nature’s Present Shop has because implemented new point-of-sale software program from Flowhub that has the capabilities that modern day dispensaries have to have, such as the capability to straight upload sales to Metrc, as nicely as track consumer obtain information, sales trends and far more. These new capabilities have reduce Land’s function week back down to 40 hours, he says.

“It actually did save a lot of time, and it permitted me to concentrate on other items in the corporation that we necessary to do, [such as] development [and] neighborhood efforts,” he says. “It makes it possible for me to get out and be involved with the neighborhood face-to-face.”

As the cannabis business evolves and far more software program firms launch new POS and inventory management options, it is important for dispensaries to vet possible vendors and locate the technologies that operates most effective for their business enterprise.

“I really feel like [the technology is] just modernizing the workflows,” Land says. “It’s minimizing operational charges for the reason that I do not have to keep up all evening, clocked in, … so it is saving us dollars. It is actually assisting us develop a strong foundation to scale up and expand. Us getting a smaller household business enterprise, attempting to operate on old point-of-sale systems and a broken program just didn’t function and it produced it challenging to scale up.”

Right here, Land shares the functions dispensary operators really should appear for when contemplating POS vendors and implementing a new program.

1. Discrepancy reporting

A POS program really should enable personnel to report discrepancies in inventory, Land says. For instance, if the state seed-to-sale tracking system—in Land’s case, Metrc—indicates that the shop really should have 12 edibles left, but an employee counts 11, the employee really should be capable to report a discrepancy via the program, which is then submitted to management. Managers can then physically count solution, examine sales and adjust accordingly to make certain that the state-reported inventory is right.

“We can locate out what occurred that produced that inventory [count inaccurate], and I like that,” Land says.

two. Direct uploads to the state tracking program

Dispensary operators really should appear for inventory management systems that can accurately upload sales information straight to the state’s seed-to-sale tracking program, Land says.

“We do double verify ourselves just to make positive we’re additional compliant, but just before, when we’d do that upload from our old program, we’d catch 5 or six red flags of items that had been overpulled, underpulled—just distinctive challenges,” he says.

three. The capability to transfer solution involving rooms—and shop areas

At Nature’s Present Shop, Land keeps all the solution in a secure in the back space to maintain it fresh and safe, except for one particular package, which is staged on the sales floor. With his inventory management program, personnel can effortlessly scan solution to transfer it from the secure to the front for sale.

“That’s actually significant for inventory management and maintaining the workflow going all through the day,” Land says.

In addition, if Nature’s Present Shop had been to open a second place, the corporation could transfer inventory via its software program alternatively of reuploading all the solution manually, he adds.

four. The capability to track customers’ day-to-day quotas

In Colorado, buyers can only obtain a total of 28 grams of cannabis per day, and POS systems Land has worked with in the previous have not been capable to track this.

“Before, we constructed out a calculator … via Google Sheets, … and it [helped us answer customers when they asked,] ‘I have this significantly edibles, this significantly concentrate, this significantly flower—how significantly can I nevertheless get?’” Land says. “It was a calculator constructed to make positive we didn’t oversell a consumer.”

POS systems are now capable to scan a customer’s ID and track how significantly that consumer has bought that day.

“That compliance is a relief, so I do not have to be concerned about one particular of my personnel undertaking the math incorrectly,” Land says. “That’s a violation folks do not want to deal with.”

five. ID checking

Accurately checking a customer’s ID can assist make certain that they are of legal age and eligible to obtain cannabis, and some POS systems are capable to take this job off budtenders’ hands.

“At Nature’s Present Shop, we have 3-point verification,” Land says. “We appear at your ID physically, … and then we scan it, … and that pulls it up and lets us know you are 21 or older [and] regardless of whether you are a returning consumer or [it’s your] initial time. … It is good to have that verification. We do not have to be concerned about fake IDs or an invalid ID. It just actually assists from a compliance standpoint.”

six. Note taking

Some POS systems enable budtenders to take notes on consumer preferences, which can boost consumer interactions and service, Land says.

“We can place, ‘Hey, Sarah does not like flower, she just likes the edibles,’” he says. “So, anytime we verify her in, we’re not even going to speak about flower. We’re going to speak about edibles and see what we can assist her out with.”

7. Robust information tracking

Lastly, dispensaries really should implement POS and inventory management systems that enable them to track information and sales trends. This makes it possible for shops to recognize and stock up on their most effective-promoting solutions.

At Nature’s Present Shop, for instance, Land noticed that cartridge sales went up a percentage in the previous year.

“I know going forward that I want to bulk up on far more cartridges and have far more cartridge campaigns,” he says.