The planned Region 51 raid is only two months away, and we’ve collected a list of strains positive to aid you blast off — whether or not you are effective at rescuing extraterrestrials or just will need to get out of there in a hurry.

Handful of items have captured the consideration of the masses fairly like rescuing the aliens who conspiracy theorists claim crashed in Roswell, New Mexico on July eight, 1947 (or on the eve of 710 Eve, possibly on their way to the fattest dab celebration in the galaxy). As the theory goes, these aliens are now becoming housed at the very classified Region 51 Air Force military base in Nevada.

What is not a theory is that three.three million folks have signed up for a Facebook occasion titled “Storm Region 51, They Can not Cease All of Us,” scheduled for Sept. 20 at three a.m. The event’s organizer has because announced that the occasion itself is a joke, but suggested that possibly a music festival in the desert close to the Nevada base would be a very good option.

Even if only 1% of these folks who RSVPed show up, that is nonetheless 33,000 folks, which is about the size of Alexander the Great’s army back in the day. But how will this contemporary-day swarm deal with the U.S. military, a military with a lot more sources than any in history? And we do not even know what specifically people will be attempting to achieve. Do the aliens have lifespans related to giant tortoises? Are they just a bag in the freezer at this point? But regardless of what occurs with this Region 51 occasion, whether or not festival or raid or remain-at-dwelling celebration, you are going to will need very good pot.

Right here is the fantastic list of strains to aid you have a close encounter of the 420th type.


The Paradise Seeds classic, Nebula was a huge hit in the mid-Atlantic states in the mid-2000s soon after it took dwelling second and third location in Amsterdam at the Cannabis Cup. Nebula is a sativa-leaning hybrid that does superior indoors than out. It came to prominence a tiny as well early, ahead of the age of important 400 light West Coast grows, so you will not see it in genuine production right now. But this strain’s uncommon status only heightens the exciting for an Region 51 celebration.  

Space Queen

For a extended time, Space Queen was a member of the royalty when it came to pot with intergalactic names. The pairing of Romulan and Cinderella 99 is a winner, as Space Queen is surely elite when grown to her complete prospective. Having said that, there have been surely some lackluster clones in the mix, as well. It is a single of these strains whose reputation took a dent or two simply because midsy growers got a midsy reduce and then some people’s initially impressions have been these versions. But if you are in a position to come across some top rated-shelf Space Queen, you are in for a very good time.

Galactic Gas

After you attempt and rescue the aliens from Region 51, you are going to will need to make your way more than to the S4 study web site, which Region 51-whistleblower Bob Lazar says is “the only location there was ever alien technologies.” The strain you will will need for a increase to get there is E.T. Galactic Gas. This strain brings collectively Gushers and Gelato #45, a top rated-3 Gelato phenotype for numerous along with the Gelato #41 and #33. It’ll be positive to present sufficient kick to break totally free of Earth’s gravity.


Let’s not kid ourselves, except for the people standing in the back smoking blunts and cheering, the folks heading to Region 51 are going to will need a miracle. We feel that MAC, or Miracle Alien Cookies, is the fantastic jar to present that tiny bit of additional hope. In the handful of years it is been on the scene, MAC has definitely blown up and is coveted by any gardener fortunate sufficient to get their hands on it.  

Inform US, if you met an alien, what strain would you give them?