Despite the fact that health-related marijuana (MMJ) is not legal
in all 50 states in the U.S., there are some states exactly where citizens are taking
complete benefit of their MMJ cards. Oklahoma produced health-related marijuana legal back
in August 2018, and because then, extra than 151,000 Oklahomans have received MMJ
cards from the Oklahoma Health-related Marijuana Authority (OMMA). That quantity implies
that extra than three.five% of the state’s population are MMJ card holders. With extra
MMJ cards per capita than in any other state, Oklahoma has absolutely come to be a
incredibly MMJ-friendly state. Here’s a rundown of anything you want to know about health-related
marijuana in Oklahoma.

What is the history of MMJ in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma 1st officially banned recreational
marijuana back in 1933. Up till not too long ago, cannabis customers and growers have been
prosecuted beneath the complete extent of the law. Health-related use of cannabis was
legalized in 2018, creating Oklahoma the 30th state to do so. Unlicensed
possession of marijuana of up to 1.five ounces is nevertheless punishable by a
misdemeanor conviction and a $400 fine if a health-related explanation can be offered.
Due to the fact 2013, DUI (driving beneath intoxication) penalties consist of becoming jailed for
no significantly less than 10 days and for no extra than a year. A second offense needs
longer sentencing. Non-licensed creating of hashish or cannabis brownies may perhaps
consist of life imprisonment. Having said that, Oklahoma MMJ laws enable for MMJ cardholders
to make and possess these solutions.

MMJ in Oklahoma is legal, but you have to abide by the precise laws and restrictions surrounding it.

What are the laws surrounding MMJ in Oklahoma?

OMMA carries out statewide regulations for
health-related marijuana use in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma MMJ legal status declares that
an MMJ card holder can legally possess:

  • three ounces of marijuana
  • six mature marijuana plants (or
    plants that are in the budding stage)
  • six seedling marijuana plants (or
    plants that are in the vegetative state and are not but budding)
  • 1 ounce of concentrated marijuana
  • 72 ounces of edible marijuana
    (also recognized as edibles like brownies or candy)
  • eight ounces of marijuana in their

At the moment, smokable types of MMJ can be
legally consumed in any location that enables smoking of tobacco solutions. Edibles
can be consumed anyplace. Please note that even with an MMJ license, you are
nevertheless only permitted to purchase MMJ solutions from state-licensed dispensaries. It is illegal to
obtain from a dealer or from a further MMJ card holder.

What are the qualifying circumstances for an Oklahoma MMJ card?

Oklahoma is a single of the couple of states with
legalized health-related marijuana that does not have a precise set list of health-related
circumstances that will qualify. Having said that, there are some frequent circumstances that will make sure you
qualify, which includes:

  • Epilepsy or other seizure
  • Cancer (or a further terminal
  • Glaucoma
  • Parkinson’s
  • Crohn’s illness
  • A number of sclerosis

Health-related marijuana has also been shown to be
valuable in treating really serious symptoms such as chronic discomfort, extreme nausea,
muscle spasms, and inflammation. In order to see if your health-related situation will
assistance you qualify, you will want to seek advice from with a licensed Oklahoma doctor to
get evaluated. They will want to assess your situation and decide if MMJ
could be valuable with your specific symptoms. From there, they’ll want to
assistance you full your application kind. If you do not have a health-related
qualified that you trust or if it is difficult for you to make it to an
in-individual appointment, think about connecting practically with a licensed health-related
qualified by way of MMJRecs.
They can also help you in finishing the health-related certification portion of
your application.

MMJ Recs - MMJ card application
It is quick to apply on the net for an Oklahoma MMJ card.

Exactly where do you get an Oklahoma MMJ card?

You will want to fill out an application to get
an MMJ card. So, to get began on that application, head on the net to the omma.ok.gov web site. You will want to spend a $100 application charge making use of a credit card (Visa,
MasterCard, or Find out credit or debit card). There may perhaps be more credit
card processing charges added to your transaction. You can spend a reduce charge of $20
if you use Medicaid (SoonerCare) or Medicare. Your application will need
some of your individual information, such as your complete name, date of birth, residence
and mailing address, phone quantity, e mail address, and your signature. Your
doctor will also want to full and sign the Adult Patient Doctor Recommendation Type.
To show proof of Oklahoma residency, you will want to consist of a digital colour
copy of a single of the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • ID card
  • Voter ID card
  • A utility bill for the calendar
    month preceding the date of application
  • A residential house deed
  • A present rental agreement for
    residential house

In addition, you are expected to deliver proof
of identity, which can be your driver’s license, ID card, U.S. passport, or
tribal identification card. The application also desires you to submit a clear,
colour, complete-face digital photograph of oneself. Following you have submitted your
application, OMMA critiques it. If you have been authorized, you will get a letter
and your MMJ card in the mail inside 14 days. This card will be valid for two
years, at which time you will want to renew your license by submitting a further
application and paying the charge once more. You can make this method less complicated by going
by way of MMJRecs.

Due to the fact the state has come to be so tolerant of
MMJ customers, it is a good location to reside if you are interested in acquiring health-related
marijuana in Oklahoma. So apply for your MMJ card and recall to stick to all of
the regulations laid out by OMMA, and you will swiftly see the added benefits of
medicinal cannabis use.