Heather Morris knows the juggling act fairly effectively as a busy functioning mom—and now, the former Glee star has a brand new project to add to her list: podcast host of PodcastOne’s “The Dance Space,” which is centered about all-items dance.

“It’s from the mouth and minds of dancers,” the 32-year-old tells Parade.com. “We’ll be recapping dance shows or any sort of dance content material on social media. We’ll just be gabbing about dance, the realness of it and the nitty-gritty of what goes on behind the scenes.”

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With guests like Harry Shum Jr. and Maddie Ziegler lined up, she’ll have her hands complete as she begins this new journey. As a mom to Elijah, five, and Owen, three, Morris (who wed longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubbell in 2015) says it is a balancing act to get it all carried out. And generating time for self-care or fitness is really hard, particularly due to the fact she does not generally have the assistance she desires.

“People have explained getting a mom, it is really scattered due to the fact you have so lots of diverse items you are balancing at the similar time, and it is really hard to like method by way of the entire factor,” she says. “The really hard element about getting in the market is that operate is not constant. So you employ a nanny and then you quit functioning or you do not have a job. And it is like, ‘Well, how do I justify obtaining a nanny if I’m not generating revenue correct now?’”

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The couple have identified a preschool and daycare performs most effective for them, and they use a nanny in the neighborhood when they’re seeking for some additional assistance. Right here, Morris walks us by way of what her self-care routine appears like and what she’s identified performs for her.


I give myself two or 3 days a week of a exercise regimen and I go to the fitness center with my husband, exactly where I run or climb the treadmill on an incline. I attempt to operate on my core and just do lightweights due to the fact I do not like to create muscle considering the fact that I create it genuinely rapidly. I like to get my heart price and endorphins going and if I cannot make it to the fitness center, I just run about the block a couple of occasions so I’m feeling like I did one thing. My husband goes just about every morning so now I’m like, ‘Okay, I want to step up my game!’


I have a nighttime routine exactly where I journal and use necessary oils. I’ll force myself to turn off the T.V., not watch something, and just reset. If I’m genuinely stuck on some factor and it is either providing me anxiousness or I cannot method it, if I create it down, it assists me see it clearly and fully grasp the light at the finish of the tunnel. It assists anytime I really feel stuck.


I like to preserve healing crystals subsequent to my bed. I use an amethyst, and then I have a clear quartz and arose quartz. The rose quartz for me is just about healing. I’ll generally lay it on my chest or place it underneath my pillow and it just assists me really feel calm. It is a way to concentrate on one thing outdoors of myself. 

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Me time

I’ll get myself a facial when a week and just take care of my skin! Nail salons are not as frequent as I’d like them to be, but I go at least when a month. 


I was functioning with a organization named Beam and I had under no circumstances attempted it ahead of, but I applied it and I appreciate it. I have the tincture and the salve—it’s helped me with inflammation. I was functioning in Chicago a handful of weeks ago as a dancer, and I believed my physique wouldn’t be in a position to withstand it. I would take CBD at evening and I recovered like I did when I was 19. It was remarkable! It also just assists with anxiousness. So if I really feel overwhelmed, I’ll have a tiny bit in my coffee in the morning and it assists just preserve me focused and remain on my agenda.

Household time

Spending time with my youngsters is a rewarding time.  I just really feel like it restores me in a weird way. It is draining, but it is also restorative—it requires me off my personal individual complications.

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