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Life is anything that is inherently stressful and challenging correct, there are generally going to be little pleasures and factors that make it far more comfy all through the day, but the basic rush and tumble of life is just fundamentally exhausting.

Every single now and then it can be superior to take an afternoon off from the anxiety of day-to-day life and just genuinely loosen up and unwind. For these that like to do so with a good good quality bud on hand, there is no improved way to do so than with Royal Dwarf.

The Royal Dwarf strain is extremely highly effective, as properly as becoming well-known for its calming, sedative effects that let you to just unwind and leave your worries behind for a handful of hours.

Let’s take a appear at this signature strain and come across out just what tends to make this dwarf so incredibly regal.


What is the Royal Dwarf Strain?

Royal Dwarf is a hybrid strain recognized for its deeply relaxing higher as properly as its physical sedative effects. Royal Dwarf is incredibly significantly an evening strain that will leave you wanting to do nothing at all but drift off into a extended and intense sleep, which tends to make Royal Dwarf ideal for assisting individuals to unwind just after a stressful day.

The origin of Royal Dwarf can be traced back to Royal Queen Seeds, a Spanish breeder, who combined Skunk No.1 with an unknown indica strain and a ruderalis. Lab testing has shown Royal Dwarf to have a 10% indica / 60% sativa / 30% ruderalis breakdown.

Provided that Royal Dwarf is a sativa-driven strain, surprisingly, it manages to pack such robust physical effects and is unquestionably not anything you would anticipate from seeking at a breakdown of Royal Dwarf’s cannabinoid content material. Even so, it just goes to show you that unique weed strains can possess all types of unique effects.

So, what sort of intriguing effects does this confusingly mixed strain possess?


Even though Royal Dwarf could possibly be a little plant with a little name, its buds do not hold back, transporting customers to a state of deep relaxation. For these who are not made use of to strains with robust physical effects, Royal Dwarf can be fairly the knowledge, frequently entirely knocking individuals out for a handful of hours at a time when taken in substantial doses.

You very first notice the effects of Royal Dwarf take hold with a sudden wave of calm happiness that washes more than you. Some individuals also say that they knowledge a burst of creativity, but this appears to incredibly significantly rely on the particular person and no matter if they are naturally inventive to commence with. For these who do hit an original higher and program on applying it to their benefit, it is worth undertaking so early on ahead of the robust sedative effects of Royal Dwarf take hold.

As the effects of Royal Dwarf function their way by means of your physique, you commence to notice a heavy feeling spread by means of your limbs and movement becomes increasingly challenging. It is at this point that you will come across oneself wanting to do nothing at all far more than curl up on the sofa and chill out for the rest of the day.

Royal Dwarf can be enjoyed each with buddies and on your personal based on the knowledge you are in search of. When taken alone it is significantly less difficult to drift off and grow to be lost in your personal thoughts, along with the sedative effects tending to kick in slightly quicker as you do not have the power of other people to bounce off.

When taking Royal Dwarf with buddies, it is finest to stick to a handful of individuals you are close to and really feel comfy sufficient about to all commit a handful of hours drifting in and out of consciousness with, otherwise you can very easily come across oneself fighting against the effects of Royal Dwarf in order to be socially acceptable.


The Royal Dwarf marijuana strain is the marmite of the cannabis planet due to it getting a robust skunk aroma which individuals have a tendency to either appreciate or hate – there is incredibly tiny in-in between! The smell only intensifies when you break apart the buds.

Royal Dwarf produces a robust, thick smoke which can really feel rather dense at very first, but just after just a handful of puffs, your lungs commence to adapt. Royal Dwarf’s smoke mixes the strain’s skunk smell with a wintery warmth, ideal for extended, drawn-out evenings.

As you exhale, Royal Dwarf leaves a robust skunk aroma hanging in the location in an virtually stereotypical way. Royal Dwarf is not a strain to smoke if you are attempting to be subtle, as the smell will speedily grow to be noticeable by these inside the vicinity.


Royal Dwarf has an uncommon flavor profile, combining the all-natural sweetness of honey with the harshness of diesel. Honey and diesel are not two flavors that you would generally knowledge collectively, but they function surprisingly properly as element of the Royal Dwarf knowledge.

When you very first breathe in Royal Dwarf, you notice the intense diesel flavors, reminding you of when you breathe in also speedily at a gas station. As the smoke settles in your mouth, you commence to notice the far more subtle honey notes which blend in with the diesel, making a flavor that genuinely is like no other.

The aftertaste of Royal Dwarf leaves a sweet honey taste in your mouth, washing away the chemical-filled diesel taste and leaving you wanting just one particular far more sweet puff of Royal Dwarf.


It is believed that Royal Dwarf got its name in element from its incredibly little stature and dwarf-like height. This tends to make sense, as Royal Dwarf plants incredibly hardly ever develop beyond three feet and are recognized for becoming wonderful for indoor growers due to the little quantity of space that they take up.

The leaves on a Royal Dwarf plant are the only element that genuinely requires up any added space, sticking out virtually at suitable angles from the stem of the plant.

This is incredibly significantly relative to the rest of the plant even though, and in truth, compared to other strains, the leaves also have a dwarf-like look. The leaves on Royal Dwarf are incredibly thin with spiky edges, although the leaves are vibrant green and fade into yellow about the edges.

As for the actual buds on a Royal Dwarf plant, they seem at very first glance to be hidden beneath a thick layer of rusty colored pistils and dense white trichomes.

Hunting closely at the plant, you can commence to choose out the buds, with their deep green colour and little structure. Royal Dwarf buds give the impression that they are actively attempting to hide deep inside the rest of the plant.

Royal Dwarf Strain Develop Information

Royal Dwarf strain seeds are broadly out there on the web, with pricing incredibly significantly based on your selected retailer and your place. It is also attainable to get clippings for these new to expanding, this can be a wonderful choice as it tends to make for a significantly far more predictable expanding knowledge.

As a outcome of Royal Dwarf becoming made for property growers, this is a strain that is at its finest when grown indoors. Plants have a tendency to keep compact and incredibly hardly ever develop beyond three feet at the incredibly most, creating them best for expanding in confined spaces.

Regardless of Royal Dwarf becoming a somewhat little and discreet plant, it manages to create a surprisingly higher yield. This is even far more surprising offered that Royal Dwarf has an incredibly quick development time with flowering only taking in between five and 7 weeks to totally create.

Royal Dwarf is happiest when grown in a warm climate with steady temperatures. Royal Dwarf can also be grown outdoors, though it is nevertheless uncommon for plants to go beyond a height of three feet. As a outcome, the size of the yield tends to be virtually identical to plants kept indoors. When expanding outdoors, you can anticipate a harvest in between early to mid-September.

THC Content material – Highest Test

Royal Dwarf cannabis has a slightly greater than typical THC content material for a hybrid strain, with lab outcomes displaying an typical of 16%. Even though not getting an alarmingly higher level of THC, Royal Dwarf nevertheless manages to have fairly the impact and could very easily be mistaken for a strain with a THC content material of at least 20%, if not greater.

It is virtually unheard of to come across a strain that has a higher THC and CBD content material, so what can you anticipate from Royal Dwarf in terms of CBD?

CBD Content material – Highest Test

The CBD content material of Royal Dwarf is incredibly low to the point of becoming virtually non-existent.

CBD is the cannabinoid most frequently related with the overall health rewards of cannabis, and so you could possibly believe that due to its low CBD content material that Royal Dwarf is not worth thinking about as a medicinal strain.

Surprisingly this is not the case Royal Dwarf in fact has a quantity of good effects on your overall health, each psychical and mental.

Healthcare Advantages of the Royal Dwarf Strain

Royal Dwarf is frequently encouraged for these who have problems obtaining to sleep as a outcome of adverse and depressing thoughts. The mixture of thoughts clarity and deep sedative effects let you to drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep naturally.

Even though Royal Dwarf can be made use of to treat depression and anxiety throughout the day, the strain’s sedative effects make it challenging to keep awake. It is frequently encouraged that for treating anxiety and depression, individuals should really combine a mix of Royal Dwarf at evening and a different, much less sedative strain throughout the day, in order to reach a 24/7 remedy.

Royal Dwarf is also frequently made use of to treat mild aches and pains such as headaches as properly as muscle spasms. The effects of Royal Dwarf numb locations of discomfort and make them really feel significantly far more manageable, if not entirely non-existent. Royal Dwarf can be incredibly beneficial when aches and pains are the lead to of insomnia.

Feasible Side Effects of the Royal Dwarf Strain

A frequent side impact that individuals report with Royal Dwarf is dry mouth, as properly as dry eyes. Dry mouth is one particular of these short-term but nevertheless annoying side effects that is however seasoned with the majority of strains, particularly these with a greater than typical THC content material.

The superior news is that the effects generally final no far more than a handful of hours and have no extended-lasting impacts, so just make confident to hold a glass of water on hand to support fight off the unpleasantness.

Even though significantly much less frequent, some individuals report feeling dizzy just after taking Royal Dwarf and really feel the will need to sit down in order to regain balance. This generally is only a short-term impact but can nevertheless really feel scary if you are out and amongst substantial crowds.

Final Thoughts on the Royal Dwarf Strain

Regardless of its fairly funky name, Royal Dwarf is the ideal strain for unwinding just after a extended and tiring day, leaving you no cost to loosen up and love oneself and in the end freeing you from the obligations of every thing about you. It will let you to lastly, at extended final, just sit back and chill out.

If you are new to expanding or have incredibly tiny space to function with, Royal Dwarf is also ideal for expanding, as it is the ideal strain for expanding at property thanks to its quick height. As a outcome of becoming bred with property growers in thoughts, this is a strain that needs minimal space and interest, although nevertheless managing to create a sizeable yield.

So, if you are seeking for a good, easy plant to attempt out expanding your personal weed oneself, appear no additional than the Royal Dwarf strain. It will not make you shorter, but it will undoubtedly make something unpleasant in your life disappear.

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