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Generally it’s important to make do with what you could have. Generally this implies getting artistic with family provides to assist your need to smoke weed, proper now. 

If you don’t have the right paraphernalia however you do have the drive to DIY it, a water bottle bong is a straightforward various. 

If you happen to occur to have a bowl and down stem readily available, you’re forward of the sport. If not, there are options you possibly can resort to for those who should, like utilizing a socket from the ironmongery store (like this) as a bowl or, as a short-term repair solely, utilizing aluminum foil to create a bowl. 

If you happen to don’t have a down stem, you need to use an inexpensive pen you don’t thoughts hollowing out and parting methods with. Relying on the pen, you’ll most likely want scissors or pliers to correctly hole it out, and this might imply an explosion of ink so it’s most likely greatest to do that half over the rubbish can. 

Supplies You’ll Want:

materials for a water bong

  • One water or soda bottle
  • Bowl (see options above)
  • Down stem (see options above)
  • Glue, tape, or foolish putty
  • Needle or sharp object to poke a small gap

Assembling the Water Bottle Bong

A normal 16.9 fluid ounce water bottle will work completely for this, although you need to use varied sizes or perhaps a juice or soda bottle. Simply you’ll want to completely clear and rinse the bottle out so it gained’t have a sugary residue if it contained something however water. 

1. Put together the bottle 

You gained’t want the cap, so go forward and toss it. Now you’ll have to poke a gap just a little decrease than midway down the bottle utilizing a needle or various. When you’ve poked a tiny gap, you may get in there with scissors or a pen and open it up simply sufficiently big to place your down stem in. Don’t make this gap too huge. 

You may poke one other gap nearer to the highest of the bottle to function a carb.  

2. Connect the down stem and bowl

Water bottle bong

Connect your down stem and bowl to one another for simple set up into the water bottle. 

If you happen to’re utilizing options, you’ll wish to use the small finish of a socket to connect to the hollowed out pen and the bigger facet will function the bowl. 

When you’ve connected the down stem to the bowl, you will have to connect each items to the water bottle by the decrease gap. You wish to ensure it stays sealed tight, so use tape, putty, glue, no matter will do the trick to maintain the down stem safe.

In fact, one thing like tremendous glue will not be a good suggestion to make use of on an precise down stem. If you happen to’re planning to reuse your items, one thing like putty or tape is the best way to go. 

3. Add water

Now you possibly can fill the underside of your water bottle with water, simply to the purpose the place the tip of your down stem is submerged. 

4. Fill with bud and revel in 

You’ve completed the meeting, and now you possibly can add your bud to the bowl and lightweight up as you’ll with any bong. 

Tips on how to Make a Water Bottle Gravity Bong

You can even degree up your bottle-bong making abilities and whip out the gravity bong. That is particularly helpful in conditions the place you wish to convey on the get together as a result of it’s going to be extra intense than a water bottle bong. 

Supplies You’ll Want:

  • One standard-size water bottle 
  • One two-liter soda bottle 
  • Scissors or sharp instrument to chop plastic
  • Drill or poking gadget
  • Down stem and bowl (or options)

1. Chop the bottles

where to cut the bottom of a water bottle bong

You’ll want to cut the underside off of your smaller bottle and discard the plastic.

You’ll additionally minimize the underside off of the bigger soda bottle, however you’ll be conserving the underside piece of that and discarding the remaining. 

2. Take away and drill a gap by the cap 

Make a gap by the cap of the smaller water bottle sufficiently big to suit a down stem. 

3. Assemble the stem and bowl 

Whereas the cap remains to be indifferent, connect your stem and bowl and place them within the gap you simply created. As soon as they’re safe, set them apart. 

4. Add water and cargo your bowl 

You’re nearly there. Fill the 2-liter bottle with water and put aside. Now take the cap you’ve put aside and cargo the bowl together with your weed. Set this apart shut by. 

5. Submerge the bottle and revel in

submerging water bottle to finish a water bottle bong

Now you possibly can submerge your smaller water bottle into the larger backside, whereas cautious to cease simply earlier than the neck and cap are submerged. When you’ve reached this level you possibly can screw the cap again on. 

Now mild the weed and slowly pull the smaller bottle up whereas it fills with smoke. As soon as the bottle is filled with smoke, unscrew the cap and inhale over the opening. 

Remaining Ideas On Water Bottle Bongs 

Each the water bottle bong and the water bottle gravity bong are good options to plain weed-smoking gadgets. Gravity bongs are positive to get you increased than a typical water bottle bong when performed appropriately, so plan accordingly. 

Traditional bongs and different paraphernalia are superior to home made plastic stuff and needs to be used long run. If you end up assembling DIY bongs and pipes on the common, it might be a very good time to put money into a glass piece. If not to your personal comfort, however to your well being. 

Within the meantime, a water bottle bong will function a very good various. It could take a little bit of trial and error earlier than you nail it, however that’s what DIY is all about, proper?