That is what i made with r143a extraction after winterization course of. I haven’t use pure 5 machine however one other gear that use r134 with a restoration vessel below vacum (you’ll be able to set temperature, vacuum, time) to take away all of the residual solvent in a single step course of.
The merchandise sounds good, the one issues are the yelds, in the event you don’t decarb beginning materials you’ve gotten low yelds and higher style, in the event you decarb beginning materials have yields much less terpenes content material. It’s like CO2 subcritical extraction
In any case low waxes contained in the extracts.
If you would like a greater yelds with out decarboxilation you want hig stress, however you however so that you lose comfort of shopping for cheaper gear (what I used was as much as 10 bars)
There are some machine that may work in continuos mode and closed loop system, so you’ll be able to continuosly add contemporary solvent in the identical time you carry out the extraction and restoration.
R134a solvent may very well be with pharmaceutical grade certification or not. Take into account that it’s utilized in propellant formulation as Sativex.