Throughout an look on The Late Present with Stephen Colbert, the late-night host level clean requested him whether or not or not he appreciated to work stoned, to which Rogen confirmed “there’s 100%” likelihood he’s excessive when the viewers is watching him in motion pictures, elaborating,

Yeah, I smoke weed all day, daily of my life. For the final twenty years, solely [I’ve worked high]. … I do truly get pleasure from weed in my private life and on movie.

Stephen Colbert associated a narrative about how one time he tried to do improv excessive, which is just like the equal of telling a daily marathon runner you ran a mile as soon as. It’s fairly cute.

In the meantime, Rogen additionally associated a narrative on The Late Present about how he could be filming Lengthy Shot and watching Charlize Theron, solely to understand she’s a approach higher actor than he’s. The story goes into element about filming the scene, and it definitely seems like he was in his head loads whereas filming Lengthy Shot.

This has nothing to do with the weed story, but additionally it might need all the things to do with the weed. You possibly can watch the total interview, beneath.

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